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Judgement from Medical Staff??

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Question to all the ladies out there who have had babies with HSV: did you ever feel any judgement coming from nurses or medical staff regarding your HSV status?

Also, I am HSV2+ and my boyfriend is not. Is there a way to conceive and also guarantee he doesnt get it?

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I'm no lady but in my opinion you can have baby when your condition is stable (doesnt OB frequently). Best to consult doctor for best options and sorry to say but there's no guarentee that he wont get it from you. There's always small chance of infection even if you're not having an OB

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    • MikeHerp
      Yeah, I understand what you mean.  Still, if it comes to market, it's possible that some people will want to use it as a suppressive, i.e. every day for years.  So potential toxicities might end up building up.  so I think they have to be cautious about that.   A lot of people say they wouldn't mind side effects etc. but if you end up blowing up your kidneys with some herpes meds, then it won't be much fun. Still, they did lift the suspension in the immune compromised, and even fast tracked the testing, so it could be approved after this phase 2 (potentially).  And they may go back to testing in healthy people as well.   Meanwhile, Maruho will be testing amenalief in healthy people in the US in the not to distant future. The near future looks bright for improved herpes meds.  These drugs might end up being a bridge while we wait for the FHC cure/functional cure.  I'm hopeful.    
    • Kurdt01
      for most people the virus gets easier over time, so if your just diagnosed and start in with all the natural stuff, of course you think it's working, but it's more than likely just your natural experience with the virus...not to be a debbie downer, just saying.
    • Kurdt01
      Do you have periods of say a few months where it's ok and then periods where it's off the charts and uncontrollable no matter what you do? Thats how mine is. It's always with me but there are periods where it's better than others....some months are ok, some are just relentless herpes....no rhyme or reason...it's never great no matter what. 
    • Mikeike3
      Denavir never did a good job blocking much for me and my derm said this is the norm. my next step is to do a few other blood checks to make sure I’m not destroying my insides and also add in tens which has been shown to reduce shingles outbreaks to hopefully deactivate as much of the virus as possible. Targeting lower back and thighs for this  disclaimer is that I’ve had no positive tests from wb igg culture or dna pcr so going off of visual diagnosis with md and fact I never responded to fungal and bacterial treatments over the course of a year . 
    • Kurdt01
      Yeah I'd love to get a line on somewhere cheaper to get this. There has to be somewhere you'd think...I"m anxious to try it with Valtrex.
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