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Could this be herpes under my foreskin? Pics


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I made another thread for my lip but today I think I have found something under my foreskin. Apologies if I should keep this in the same thread. 

I stupidly had sex with an escort (I know.... Berate me as much as you wish) and even more stupidly I agreed to have oral unprotected (sex was fortunately protected) and she kissed me a few times. 

I am extremely paranoid and just noticed something under my foreskin (which I don't think would have touched her mouth, certainly not relative to the rest of my penis). It could be a normal blemish but I'm angry at myself and scared. 

The picture isn't very clear but hopefully you can make it out 

 Out of curiosity and for the sake of my own sanity, how many days would it take from initial infection to outbreak before I can kind of assume I'm safe? And if this is an outbreak, how many days can I expect this to turn into full blown herpes before I can conclude it's just a normal mark? Are we talking a day/days or hours?

If this is a suspicious herpes mark, should I not be seeing this all over my penis? 

There's currently no itching or soreness but general itching of scrotum which I think I get anyway, but still I'm exceptionally paranoid. 

I definitely won't be doing this again. I hope I'm OK. 

Ihaven't ever had a coldsore before so I know with some certainty that I don't have hsv1 or 2.


It looks redder in real life and less white as that's glare from flash 



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Here's a more clear pic of the first red mark and some tiny others on the other side of my penis, again on the underside of my foreskin with better lighting 


Could I be causing irritation from constantly checking 




Additionally assuming this is genital herpes, does that automatically mean I have caught coldsores too? 


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On 9/12/2019 at 3:00 AM, WilsoInAus said:

Hey @Answersplease55 I think youre looking a bit too hard. We all have some dot, scratch or fordyce spot, pimple etc. on our penis if we look all over hard enough.

Whatever those dots are, they’re not herpes.

Thanks @WilsoInAusI went to the doctor and showed him the mark and he said that isn't herpes and I shouldn't worry. Although he quoted asymptomatic shedding happening less than 1 percent of the time which makes me question his particular knowledge in the subject. Nevertheless, the red mark has disappeared so my mind is at ease there.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I noticed a small red mark on my shaft a few hours ago that resembles the red marks on my lips (which haven't blistered as of yet) - she gave me unprotected oral and kissed me too for reference . Is this anything suspicious? I'm still on edge until I hit the 2 week mark - it is currently 7 days






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