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Confussed what it is

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I have been diagnosed with hsv2 a little longer than a half year ago. In the mean time I had about 6-7 outbreaks, mainly on my hand and once on my genital. Got it swapped 2 times.

During two of those outbreaks my doctor prescribed Valtrex for 5 days on 1000mg a day. And did their job well.

About a week ago my doctor and me decided to put me on suppresive Valtrex for the next half year on 500mg daily. Now I have to feeling that this is not working well, it feels like I am getting an OB.

And my genital is redish, and has a very light burning sensation, also my hand where I had OBs before feel irritated, with little dots of “dried skin”


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    • Vintage7
      Hey man been there.   Im almost 50 and I have an awesome family with three kids and a dog.  I got it when I was young but I got through it.  Its alot more of stigma but not so much anymore when 5 out of ten people have it in the U.S.  They could have a cure but they won't until greed is no more also they don't care about a cure since its not life threatening but they dont worry a cure will be available within 10 years.
    • Vintage7
      Its hsv2 and you should be on Valtrex medication.
    • Luc
      Hi there all. I have been with my partner together for over 12years about year ago I had some rush and bumps on my penis, never thought nothing of it just looked like some bite or something it was painful or anything maybe just bit itchy but also at the time I had some rush on my lower legs. It happen on my holiday after I came back to uk I still had it went to see a doctor and after few visits cos they were not sure say what it was they send me to gum. I done blood test and swab test came back positive for hsv 2 a parrently not to sure if that was from blood or swab cos seems to be bit late in the stage to get swab that's what doctor said anyway. I'm just wandering how would I get them really.. I had all going ob from the start for me looks like herpes but not to sure could be something else. All together I may had 3 weeks without bumps or sore. My partner was fine till last week now she got I think whatever I have.. any other infection I could have rather than herpes? 
    • Vintage7
      You have hsv2 and you got it from sex most likely.  Sometimes an outbreak won't show up until 6-8 months later so if you had multiple partners its hard to track down the time frame and partner.  No matter what someone says you can get hsv2 on any part of your body.  You should get a Valtrex perscription monthly and increase to 1000mg.  Then you won't worry about it anymore.
    • Vintage7
      Go get re checked when symptoms occur and still get a blood test no matter a what a doctor says and have protected sex always.  Virul shedding can pass on herpes without symptoms so your boyfriend might not know if he has it.
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