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My first outbreak a.k.a. hell


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I just got diagnosed with HSV 2 about three days ago. I believe my first OB started about a week or more ago. Initially I thought I had a UTI, after rough sex. I had itching and some irritation down there as well as pain during intercourse. Due to lack of insurance, I ignored the symptoms and started drinking cranberry juice and went about my day because I wasn’t in any real pain except during intercourse (but even that was bearable). Anyway, it took about another week before any sores started to appear down there. But once one sore started to appear , they were everywhere. Followed by excruciating pain and it burned when I tried to pee And it was so painful that I couldn’t even do normal activities, it was uncomfortable to stand, I couldn’t even make it to the bathroom sometimes. I couldn’t properly wipe myself and even though taking warm showers alleviated the pain, I couldn’t properly clean myself because trying to get inside my vagina lips hurt too much. Finally deciding that I couldn’t take the pain and agony any longer, I made a visit to the emergency room where they did a swab test and prescribed me with antivirals. Fast forward a few days later suddenly I have HSV 2 and my life felt like it was over. I was prescribed a generic version of Valtrex  and honestly it worked like a charm and cleared up my outbreak quickly. Right now I am completely sore free, it does not hurt when I pee, there is absolutely no pain or irritation down there —with the exception of some stubborn itching and discharge. Unfortunately the pills that I was prescribed are about to be done, I literally only have three pills left that I’ve been trying to stretch out. My insurance is not going into affect until October 1 and I had to pay for that prescription out of pocket which was very pricey ...so right now I’m just stressing myself out worrying about another  potential outbreak, especially with my period around the corner and all the emotions i’m feeling after being diagnosed.

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On 9/16/2019 at 10:39 PM, samsmith said:

download Good RX app. You can find some generic Valtrex rather cheap.

Thank you so much. The funny this is I have that app but when I went to use it on my first prescription at Walgreens the pharmacist was having error messages when she used the coupon, we tried multiple times. She ended up feeling bad for me and gave me 5$ off (it was originally going to be 60$) I paid like 55$ or something like that 

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