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Do i have herpes or HPV?


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I had a fair amount of unprotected sex within the past year. During the summer of last year i hooked up with someone and a week after I got strep throat symptoms, such as; puss filled tonsils, difficulty swallowing, extreme fatigue, etc... went on antibiotics and everything went away. tried to get an std test about 6 months later and i was told the only way i could get one is if i was actually showing significant symptoms. Was kinda thrown off by that. A month later a red bump shows up on my penis, kinda scary, but goes away in a couple days. A few more months later (about 3 weeks ago from today) symptoms begin to show again after cold and flu like symptoms lasting for a week. I recently got a blood test and urine test done at a pretty big hospital, not knowing what specifically they were testing for, if not everything. There, i was told they were going to send the test results back to my medical clinic and i would only receive a call if I had an std. In other words, they wouldn't call me if they saw that nothing was wrong. A few days go by and i call in to see if they got the results. They said they have them, but the doctor is the only one that is allowed to see them, and he was busy. A couple days later i get a call, that i wasn't originally supposed to get, but i got because i was calling them pretty much everyday until i got my results confirmed. They said that i was "all good" and didn't elaborate on anything at all. 

At first i was relieved, but a week later, symptoms worsen. An occasional, slight itching sensation in one point in my urethra, white bumps showing up around my shaft, one on the head and multiple around the corona, which is starting to swell a tad, resembling "PPP", not to mention cloudy urine occasionally. as for oral symptoms, you can see it in the picture. Clusters of white bumps showing up on the corners of my mouth. It seems too early in their appearance to determine whether they are fordyce spots or oral herpes.

I was under the assumption that the white bumps on my penis were genital warts, since they can only be detected through physical examination. Also in the process of recovering from HPV on my foot (plantar warts) which are gone for the most part. Did some research and found that the bumps looked somewhat similar to Molluscum contagiosum. Who knows at this point, but i'm almost positive it's not nothing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)





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Hey @pleasehelp630 I’m sure your doctor will diagnose you swiftly.

I’d have inflamed fordyce spots near the top of the list. Molluscum is a possibility, not looking much like papules to me.

Herpes is well down the list of possibilities. These look surface of the skin related and not coming from deep below off the nerve endings.

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