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First OB from hell: PLEASE HELP


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Hi guys.. So I haven't gotten my culture or blood work results back yet but I am 1000% sure this is what I have. On Wednesday I noticed I was experiencing noticeable pain near my urethra when wiping after peeing or when my pants put pressure on it. Told myself I'd give it a day then call my OBGYN if it didn't get better. Friday rolls around and I notice a sore so I basically begged for them to see me before the weekend because I was miserable. When I got there I found out I had a fever, BV, and what she suspected as genital herpes (when she was examining me she even pointed out sore I didn't even know I had). She said once my results came back she would prescribe the AV if the tests came back positive. Well.... this weekend was a weekend from hell. On Friday night I was in so much pain that I anytime I peed I would involuntarily begin shaking and sob due to how painful it was (two sores are directly underneath my urethra). I read that I could fill the tub with water and try peeing in there to alleviate my discomfort. IT DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I know this isn't good, but the only relief I have barely experienced was while drinking beer (diluted the pee). The issue with this is that I am supposed to be taking Metronidazole for my BV and you cannot drink alcohol while on it. Bottom line, I am fricken miserable guys. I have been taking Tylenol and Ibuprofen as well as applying ice packs to the area to reduce the pain/swelling. Nothing is working and I am at my breaking point. It shouldn't be more than a day or two until my labs come back, but I don't think I can do this (not that I have a choice, haha) for another day or two. PLEASE, if anyone can give me tips on what to do, I will be so grateful.

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Spread your labia when you pee, pour water on it when you pee, or pee in a bathtub or shower 


drinks lots of water to dilute your urine 


sitz bath/ sit in a bowl of water for 5-10 minutes (that was my only relief with my first outbreak, the rest of the day I was in great pain) 


Stay in bed a lot and try to watch some Netflix (because there’s not much you can do anyway) 



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How are you doing? I remember the worst pain in my urethra area; it almost felt like it was sliced with a razor. Agony.   Using gold bond powder helps me a lot. I also use a zinc cream or lysine ointment as well.  I buy the travel sizes of gold bond and keep one in my purse so I can use it at work. Sprinkle it onto a panty liner.  I hope you feel better.

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Lidocaine cream is my best friend these days , this has been a week long ob & I just want to die. I use a little cream a few mins before I know i need to pee . It completely numbs the area & provides 90% relief , I found it at CVS for 7.99 

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