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Is it herpes ??

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Almost 4 weeks ago I slept with a guy unprotected . I also performed oral sex in him , 2 weeks after he told me he has herpes 2 . Fast forward to last weekend (almost 3 weeks after exposure) I noticed a white thick discharge and some bumps on my vag . Went to urgent care and the doctor said the white discharge is a yeast infection . Now I’m experiencing horrible back pain and slight itching but not much . Could this be herpes . Waiting for my test results now . Pictures of what my vag looks like currently . ( some of the bumps are red because I pulled hair out of them unsure of what they were ) 



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Pain in the lower back can be a sign of herpes outbreak, however what I see isn't a guaranteed sign of herpes. Though I would say it is something, it could be razor burn. 

You're gonna need to get what ever you have visible swabbed though, especially because you were informed someone you slept with has HSV 2. You must find out for sure. 


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Get a PCR swab from a sexual health clinic post haste. You are no diagnistician, neither are we, really. We are just not equipped so. Do yourself a favour and seek professional opinion. the sooner you get to deal with this the better

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    • LadyInPink
      I have been diagnosed with genital herpes, but never with a specific type. I'm also scared now that I might have oral herpes. I have a few questions. Will the blood test tell me if I have both, or just if I have herpes in general? Is it possible to get a false positive result from a swab? I ask this because my initial genital test was a swab test that came back positive one time, and negative another. Since the positive result I've lived as though I have genital herpes, but now that I think I might have oral herpes, I'm unsure how to proceed. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you. 
    • Muscha
      Hey.  I'm sorry you are going thru all of this.  I've read it not uncommon to have an additional breakout within 30 days of the initial one.  Just know, in time, it does get better.  Less painful..less frequent.  Also, the medical community is moving closer to a cure every day.  I truly believe it's not very far into the future.  This is a good place to talk...dont isolated yourself.
    • RNY18
    • alextheman
      I only take them when i feel something or a symptom.I do not take everyday and that has been working.Best thing for me is to get enough sleep and less stress.
    • Cantdothis
      I was diagnosed Monday by swab on my genitals. This is my first outbreak, I’ve been on Acyclovir since Monday. Everything was clearing up until today I noticed a new blister. 😭 Does this mean the Acyclovir is not working? Is it normal for more to pop up? The diagnosis alone has me feeling completely helpless and alone, now with the outbreak coming back I don’t know I can do this anymore. I have been crying all week.   
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