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I haven’t even kissed anyone since I got HSV2 almost a year and a half ago bc all of this terrifies me. I recently met someone and things went further than I was ready for. Now I’m freaking out that I may have passed this onto him before I could even tell him about it.  

He did perform oral on me a handful of times on different days.  Then on a tues or wed I had a breakout.  Made sure to keep my pants fully on during that.  By Sunday it had healed.  Saw a small piece of scab but then couldn’t see anything else of it on Sunday.  Saw him again on wednesday And Thursday (so 3 days later) and he performed oral but on Thursday he put the tip of his penis in me.  I told him no and to stop and pulled it out but I’m worried that I didn’t do it fast enough and then on Saturday night I needed up with another breakout.  I’m freaking out that he’ll catch it since this happened in between two breakouts.  He texted me today so he thinks he has a cold.. has been coughing and feels bad.  Is this just a cold cause he’s was just traveling or is this the start of him getting it from me.  I really like him and I’d be devastated for him if  he got it from me before I’ve even had a chance to let him choose for himself. 

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Not enough details to speculate.  Are you taking suppressive medication?


the likelihood of transmission from one event (when lesions aren’t present) is pretty low.  Between outbreaks it’s tough to say how much you could have been shedding.  

Oral is very unlikely to have given it to him hsv2 is very difficult to acquire orally and if it did it almost never causes significant symptoms.  

Also the momentary touching is unlikely to transmit.  The viral shedding has to be massaged into the skin.  Just touching the skin is unlikely to transmit.  

however things happen and no one could completely eliminate all risk in this scenario.  


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