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I need help


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I need help as my doctor and urologist can find or don't want to do anything. Im having issues with the tip of my urethra.  It looks like is burnt or irritated. I've dealing with issues with my urethra. Everything started after protected sex and brief unprotected oral sex (10 seconds or less). I've been tested for all stds and everything keeps coming back negative. I took a hsv igg test at 4 weeks and 4 days and another one at 10 weeks and 4 days all test were negative. The last one came back .200 on both. I will upload a picture of my issue. I really hope someone can guide since I can't find any help. Tomorrow will be my 12th week and I'm going to retest again on Monday for herpes again. I'm trying to upload a picture but I can't, I'm having a hard time. Thanks.

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