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    • MikeHerp
      We will know in the coming months.  Primary completion is in March and final study completion in May.   If data from previous studies showed that it had no chance to be approved due to safety concerns, then I doubt regulators would have approved this limited phase 2.   I suspect that Terri doesn't think it will be approved for a broader general indication.  Maybe she isn't referring to this trial for immunocompromised patients.   Recall that, the previous trial for general application was suspended due to the animal toxicity studies.  My guess is that, she is simply referring to that. After all, the present phase 2 hasn't even been completed yet, so it would be a bit odd if she already knew it wasn't going to be approved.   Meanwhile, amenalief looks good.  They have tons of safety data from use in Japan.  I don't know if that will count for anything in the US, but the point is that, it's been used extensively (mainly for herpes zoster) in Japan so it's at least fairly safe.  But we'll see.  They will have to do the phase 3 to confirm that.  
    • LemonOne9
      How do you know that circumcision was specifically responsible for the decrease in outbreaks given that most people tend to break out less over time? How soon after infection did you undergo this?
    • Tone123
      The thing is it needs to be swabbed within 48 hrs  for the most accurate result. Do you know if you have hsv1 oral cold sores. If you dont then you would of had the actual symptomatic symptoms with blisters and all. If you do have oral hsv1 hsv2 could very well be mild that may lead to similar issues to whay youre experiencing. That's why I say get a type specific blood test it should tell you more sinse this has been going on sinse 2016
    • Diogenes1
      Tone123,   Based on the picture, do you think it can't be swabbed? The fact that it reappears randomly in the same spot makes me suspicious it's herpes, but there are no other symptoms. Scooby,   Is it normal for a pimple to just disappear back into the skin? And why would the same 2 pimples appear in the exact same spot and behave the exact same way and then disappear into the skin again? Why doesn't it occur in other areas?
    • vzhe
      Did you experience any downsides to adult circumcision?
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