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Soooo Many Questions

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I was diagnosed with HSV a couple of weeks ago. The Dr. at first told me I had cancer but then made a shocking phone call and said I have good news you are negative for cancer but you have HERPES. I was in such shock all I could ask her was how? I have been married for 23 years. I was with only one person before I got married and have been faithful. Maybe I am being stupid in some peoples eyes but I honestly feel that my husband has been also. He was very wild in his younger days, and was with several girls. We have 2 children. I was on Valtrex 10 days 2,000mg. I didnt have any irritation I had a discharge which is similar to the last days of a period. I felt like I had the flu and some days I still feel tired and achy. Here are a few questions, if someone could help me with:

****Is it true that Herpes can lay dormant for 20-30 years?

****How do I know what type I have and when an ob is occurring because it was on my cervix.

****I do have a sore right in front at my bikini line but I dont know if it has anything to do with this. It doesnt itch, but has never gone away completely.

*****Is there a Dr. that specializes in this, my Dr. has not even contacted me to see if the meds worked, or how I am doing.

*****The Lysine and Vitamins that you can buy that this site supports, do they work?

Sorry this is so long, any info would be appreciated.

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It can lay dormant- or you could have had outbreaks before and never known about it- especially if it is inside where you wouldn't see it.

I have not had a painful outbreak- only a slight abrasion and some mild itching. That was my first ob- about 3 weeks ago. SO you may have just always had it. I am currently starting another.

A blood test- and the culture they took from your cervix should have told you if you had hsv1 or hsv2.

I'd be calling your doc for more concrete answers.

I am new here too- an just learning about it.

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Honestly, the more I think about it I think I had this years before I was diagnosed. I started remembering the shaving bumps I had (doctor "confirmed"). The symptoms for this can be so mild that they really can be missed. It's possible that you've been having them but never noticed because prior to being diagnosed I thought that in order to have this you'd have terrible ob's and burning sensations, the whole nine yards. It's also possible that if you're husband has had it a long time not only did he not realize he had it but the longer you have it the fewer the ob's and the less likely you are to pass it. So it may have taken you awhile to get it. As far as the lysine goes, I think it works. I've been taking it since Sept and noticed the difference when I stopped. I've taken the Immune Support also which is pretty good. As far as doctors go, when it comes to herpes they're not really helpful that's why this site has been a life saver for so many of us.

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Well what I thought was just a sore from underwear ended up being an outbreak!!! I called the Dr. and I'm back on Valtrex for 3 days. I really appreciate all the in-put.

I am confused about the purell and tiger balm some people are using, is that only for your lips?

I asked the Dr. what I could put on this, because it was itching and he told me just to stay with the Valtrex. Any suggestions?? :

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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      Ok so here’s my background.  I hade my first outbreak genitially about 2 months ago.  I got swabed positive for GHSV1. My blood tests were neg so I am assuming a new infection but who knows if I had it or not.  I been reading on here and other research. So I got oregano oil and started to use it on my lower back with coconut oil to dilute it.  I was putting the combo on and would use a couple large bandaids to apply it and keep it in place overnight.  Did it for about 5 days.  I peeled off my bandaids two days ago and had two sores where the sticky part is about an inch apart.  Does the oregano oil attract the virus to cause an outbreak like this in the spot on lower back or are the sores from irritation of possibly too much oregano oil?  Anyone have a clue if this is an outbreak and caused by putting the oil there?
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      Well maybe if we started funding and stopped talking we can finally end it, I want my love life back tf and I remember someone saying there was funding and we can fund but no one is taking steps far as I can see
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