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Is this herpes??

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Hi guys

this has appeared on Thursday. It started as just a bump under my lip, and then developed a white head later on that day. I haven’t been tested for Herpes as of yet, but I have booked a doctors appointment to get it done. 

I have been putting hydrogen peroxide on it to help kill any germs or bacteria present, and have also been applying an antibacterial spray

any advice or help would be greatly appreciated, because I’m stressed out and it’s keeping me up at night worrying. 

Thanks! :))


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4 hours ago, WilsoInAus said:

Hey @Needingsomeassistance that looks more like  common ulcer to me.

But note that there’s nothing to be alarmed about if you do have oral HSV-1 which is entirely possible.

Wilson I have something to ask u again .i know antivirals can interfere the igg result . So for how long should antivirals be stopped before taking igg test 

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@Ole antivirals have only really been shown to delay seroconversion but a matter of days of taken right from the time of first lesions appearing.

However 12 weeks of no antivirals would be considered the window after which an IgG test would not be influenced at all by antivirals.

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13 hours ago, WilsoInAus said:

@Ole antivirals have only really been shown to delay seroconversion but a matter of days of taken right from the time of first lesions appearing.

However 12 weeks of no antivirals would be considered the window after which an IgG test would not be influenced at all by antivirals.

Ok thanks wilson

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    • Sadcat
      By Sadcat
      Is this herpes?  Ive been in disbelief that I do have hsv1 so I’ve been putting up to go  talk to a doctor because I don’t know what kinda questions to ask even if I did have the courage (Ps I do have a geo tongue ) I’m worried about the to Red holes above where my wisdom teeth would come in . Does anyone know if can you pass It on to animal/cats I’ve been so scared to give my kitty kisses or let her lick my face and would have to push my pet away 
    • JeffBridges
      By JeffBridges
      After getting tested for hsv2, my results were “indeterminate” and I was negative for all other diseases. I had protected sex ~20 days ago. Just a few days ago, these bumps appeared on my chin and over the course of 2 days have disappeared. Are these herpes?
      thank you in advance

    • Lifeonhopes
      By Lifeonhopes
      Hi All,
      Me and my wife positive for hsv1 igg with value 2.1(wife) and 3.9(husband) tested four times in a year range not changed.
      We both do not have any symptoms of hsv1. We do not have hsv2 which is always negative.
      We are trying for baby, and had two miscarriage in the time spawn of 1.4 yr.
      Is there any relationship between hsv1 positive igg leading to miscarriage??
      Anyone faced same issue with hsv1 and miscarriage.
    • whereismyanswer
      By whereismyanswer
      Hello there. I'm a 24F, who has  had HSV 1 for 3 and a half years now. I got my first cold sore December of 2016 out of no where when I was 21. I was in school and working at a job that had me very stressed at all time. I came home one day and saw the bumps. Initially, I'd never thought anything of it as my dad always had them when I was growing up. Of course, you go on Google and after about 20 minutes of searching, you are absolutely devastated and disgusted with yourself.
      The first year after my 1st outbreak, I'd occasionally experience some shedding, but didn't get another breakout until the following year. Since that outbreak, I've pretty much steadily had cold sores every month for the last 2 and a half years. I was told birth control would help, because I was noticing outbreaks begin about a week before my cycle. Didn't change anything though.
      Earlier this year, I finally decided it was time to start suppressive therapy, given the fact that I had no success with natural remedies or hormone leveling using the birth control. I've seen no changes in the frequency of my cold sores since starting 1GM of Valcyclovior. It's been about 3 months, and I met with my doctor today to discuss the issue. She basically told me there was nothing she could do and to see a dermatologist. She also gave me the list of vitamins I already to take to try to include with my daily antiviral. I feel completely defeated. I don't know what to do now or if there is any hope. It hurts me so much because I'm so young and nothing has gotten better. Also, I don't think a dermatologist is the answer. Has anyone else experienced this?
    • helpme2223
      By helpme2223
      Hopefully someone can help me. So i have been masterbating alot lately and my penis has felt sore but two days ago there was some pain while doing it. In the morning i noticed four open cuts, i will try and get a picture but they were already starting to heal (scab) and i was confused. Today i called a doctor and he said it was most likely herpes due to scabs forming, even though i haven't had a encounter in 5 months. its almost healed now i can barely feel it when it gets touched. Its been 3 days. The doctor i spoke to over the phone said if its scabbing then it herpes? and then he said it could be physical injury from the masterbation. these are circular lesions tho.
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    • Cas9
      Herpes blisters typically are clear fluid filled. Also, you would typically have more than a singular blister. I lean away from it being herpes.
    • Aurora_
      Hello Bd2132, it does look like herpes. But to be completely sure get tested. That's the only way to be 100% sure. Hope things turn out well for you. If you do have herpes just remember there are a lot of people on this cite that will help you. Blessed be
    • Bd2132
    • Bd2132
      Hey everyone,      I had unprotected sex 2 weeks ago, and noticed what I thought was a pimple or ingrown hair at the base of my penis about 3-4 days later. At first I didn't think anything of it, because I had done some shaving as well. But I'm now starting to get worried.    Besides the red spot, I have felt the need to urinate more frequently, which is what made me start thinking something else was going on.    I do have an appointment with a doctor next week to get tested regardless, I'm just panicked now.      The spot never blistered, it has just been a red lump with what looked like a white head pimple. I did pop it not thinking, and what came out was a white solid like a pimple. It has only been this one spot as well.      Does this look like it could possibly be herpes?
    • Amnprsc
      Did anyone ordered it online? Shipping time? Does it ship to anywhere?    So the price is about 150€ for 1 course (=5 times, 1 time each 7 days? )    Is it simple to self take? (by the help of a friend)  I would like to try it, and I am considering it. 
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