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Has anyone stopped antivirals after taking them for years?


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Hello everyone. I’ve had herpes genitally for 3 years. The first two years I had maybe one OB a year, no biggy. But this year, starting in June, I’ve had one almost every month. I’m taking daily acyclovir (was on valtrex, it stopped working I guess, got an OB that lasted >1mo so switched May 2018). I’m considering stopping the daily meds. What’s the point? Also I’m not getting prodome symptoms so can’t really premedicate if I feel an OB coming. This seriously has me depressed. It’s really not a big deal but the past 6-7 months have been terrible. Any words of wisdom would help. Thanks 

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Hey ! I had the same problem with valtrex. It stopped working after taking it for 2 years. I used to take one per day. Then i started to take huge amounts of vitamin c along with other multivitamins. Helped a lot, now im on aciclovir along with vitamin c. I tried to stop the meds but i keep getting outbreaks if i stop. 

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I take Valtrex when a think an OB is coming and during. I try to take Lysine as well, and run. My OB are generally on my buttcheek. I use a blower dryer to prevent, reduce, and treat OB. I do my best to stay away from nuts and beans. Valtrex is always my go to in regards to meds.

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I have had herpes fo rat least 15 years.  My husband had it and passed away of melanoma 12 years ago.  I married again since.  He feels most comfortable if i take valacyclovir, but i am tired of taking it.  what do you think?  

also, i have not had an outbreak in like 10 years. 


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I quit antivirals after a couple of years of taking them.  They made me sick and didn't work anymore.  The best way for me to deal with OBs is to boost my own immune system and get healthy in general. 

Lauricidine, LDN (this is a tricky one but it could put a stop to uncontrollable OBs), Lysine, Vitamin D, B complex, BHT (when I have an OB), Vitamin C, Glutathione, ALA, L-glutamine

These are what I take as needed or daily.  I also had to fix my gut issues and keep my blood sugar in check.  I don't think there is one thing that stops OBs..  But the use of antioxidant (most of them up there) and boost of your immune system is the best way to fight this virus.  

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It’s interesting that two years keeos coming up, my experience as well. It never worked for me great but after two years Valtrex seems like it has stopped all together.

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    • Muscha
      If you take it multiple times you can expect the results to vary but Im not sure how wildly it might fluctuate.  If you had taken the test without a breakout, anything under 3.5 could possibly be a false positive.  Since you had a "nice breakout" after a sexual encounter and tested 2.82, I would assume it is not a false positive.  It sounds like your body is responding well with no additional breakouts.  As a consideration, a Western Blot test would be an additional test (very precise) if you are looking for clarity.
    • dont quit!17
      So it doesn't come mixed at the right percentage?
    • dont quit!17
      Is SADBE still effective for you? Thats interesting you went the naturopathic route. It sounds like they are might be more open to ordering meds off label. 
    • John2020
      Bumps appeared 3 days after sex  
    • UnhappyH
      I'm a male and had sex with a girl about 18 months ago and got HSV-2 along with a nice breakout! I had my levels checked with labcorp through stdcheck.com - and my HSV 2 IgG, Type Spe was 2.82 I haven't had a breakout since and just got tested again and my level is 2.02. Does that mean that my body is potentially fighting it and infection levels are going down or will it just fluctuate up and down? I couldn't find any data on this. Everything I read just said if it's above 1.09 then you probably have it.
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