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New, not sure & in pain

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Hi everyone

I am new here and looking for support like everyone I guess.

Discovered some sores and what looked like blisters on Saturday morning and thought "what the hell is that and why is it soe damn itchy". Firsst thoughts were YEAST INFECTION", but I have had one before and I know that it does not come with sores or blisters. After spending two very restless nights I went to the dr. on the 24th and she informed me she thinks I have herpes.........I said I have what????????? she said either that or a bact. infection. She has swabbed and I am awaiting the results. In the meantime she put me on meds along with the top. cream. I have one day left of meds and I just cannot believe that I am in such pain still with these sores. I am blow drying which helps a little to dry the area, but it gets wet quit quickly!!!!???? Test results back in ten days from the 24th. MERY CHRISTMAS TO ME.

I have been with the same partner for over ten years. Had a child in 2005 vaginally and thought that I was tested back then through my blood for all that kind of stuff. I thought it was one of the mandatory blood tests that preg. women take when they take 13 vials of blood from you (at least that even what I thought I read). I know that if you test positive they will not let you have a vaginal delivery.

Got very stressed last Thursday and bango!!!!!

My husband is faithfull (I know your all thinking well maybe). I have been cheated on with my first husband and I know this time there is just now way. He is in shock with me and lost for words. Never having had any sort of breakout on himself and he does not understand as much as me since I have been the one doing all the reading now.

We are trying to have our second child and finding this out if I test positivie is really painful to bear.

Thanks for listening to my rant.:sad:

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