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Shedding History

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I read this and came to realize shedding has only been known for a short time in history.

So this means we can spread it via all body fluids not merely by direct contact with lesions and having sex?! EEK :eek:

What I want to know is what do you do if, and how do you tell if, you have systemic herpes infection??? I don't think enough attention is being paid here or anywhere other than the site I found, about shedding and systemic infections. People need to know what to do and what complications there can be as a result of these things. I'm doing my own research on it and am scared as to my findings thus far. Not meaning to scare people but we should find out all we can... amen.

"Other Neurologic Diseases. Other neurologic syndromes that have been linked to HSV infection include epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, atypical pain syndromes, ascending or transverse myelitis (inflammation of the spinal column), and neuralgia (severe stabbing pain along a nerve or group of nerves)."

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That is crazy... I didn't know that. So do you think that means that we can give someone else herpes just through kissing even if we have genital herpes?

I hadn't heard that before. Everything I heard was direct skin to skin... not blood or body fluids. That is scary!

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No that's not what it means. You can't spread the virus from your mouth if you've got it genitally.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • emz
      Is someone able to kindly explain to me what synergy products actually do without opinions or disagreements on its effectiveness? For example what ingredients are involved and how does it aim to target the virus. Can't find any info online. Hope someone can help. Many thanks 
    • Roja
      Why is it your worst fear to have GHSV-1? 
    • Miss Horne
      Not sure if this has already been mentioned before, could we donate to his lab? Hsv specifically? 
    • Gems
      It can be very difficult to diagnose I do not know the lab discussed here but I have read about sexual health clinics that no longer use the blood tests for this reason of false negatives. Even swabs can be hard they were in my case.  I know I have it and never resorted to the biopsy.

      Do your own research and consult with GP's. I would assume you have this until its totally ruled out.  

      I read about a person on this site who tested neg on the IgG and pos on the weston blot.

      Please do your own research. 
    • Gems
      If it is an issue why not speak to admin about creating two separate threads...one for those looking at natural management and "supposed" natural cures and one looking at medical breakthroughs. That way both interests are served, no one is offended and people who wish to look at both can. No one is excluded and everyone included. Those who want to stay with the medical threads can. Maybe there will be less issues that way. 

      Personally I would prefer not to engage with those who are seeking vaccines and gene tech ect esp if they are nasty or condescending and prefer to support and encourage like minded without the excessive debates in a supported enviro.

      Just putting it out there.

      @Heatbroken Sydney


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