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Mystery? A cold sores after 30 years?

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Dear all, 

I need an educated opinion to help me figure something out:   I was diagnosed 30 years ago of GHSV2.  I am aware that HSV2 “rarely, rarely” moves from the genital area to the oral area.  I should mention, I have never had a history of cold sores.  

I am now 67 years old and have in recent years developed an “age line” on my upper lip, that  starts at the very top of my lip and travels down, it’s very linear.  Throughout the years this “line” it has progressively become longer and deepest at the top of my upper lip where it begins,  I am trying to decide is actually a cold sore response when I shave across or near this “age line”.    

This has only happened following shaving and twice that I can recall.  In the past 6 months, when shaving with a new razor blade I wonder if I’ve gotten too close to this “age line” at the top of my lip and have irritated it.  It will get red, not really “sore” to speak of, and  blisters never appear—generally it is fine in a couple days.  

I’m trying to determine is If this is a “cause and effect” irritation from close shaving over and near this “age line” area or if in fact the close shaving has irritated and caused an “under represented” oral cold sore appear after nearly 3 decades?  As of a couple  years ago, I still test positive for only HSV2.     

What do you think?  

Thanks,  Henry.

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Some people are so fine tuned to prodromal symptoms. I would want multiple symptoms before labels. 

Not saying it is you, but any itch, bump or prick sent my mind in overdrive at first! I witnessed people who had acknowledged it and just let it go. So much easier when I controlled it, instead of it controlling me!

How do you handle a cold? How do you handle a sun burn? A cut? An upset.. take care

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    • hk81
      I have had an infection of HSV1 at the end of 2016, diagnosed through an urethral swab. After that, I have had a cascade of symptoms increasing year after year, which I have not been able to diagnose correctly. I am still struggling with the diagnosis and it would be interesting to compare opinions. Symptoms: - Constant irritation on the glans, rash. Small red wounds inside of the urethra. This is what I have associated with my typical symptom of herpes - In the last year: constant conjunctivitis. A bad pink eye lasting for a few days, once in the left eye, the next week in the right eye, and so on - Since a few months: red dots appearing on my fingers and then disappearing after a few hours. Occasionally turning into blisters. Once 2 swollen painful fingers   A doctor made some blood exams and he didn't bother to comment them before throwing me out of his door, saying "you are negative to herpes. you have an obsession and you need a psychologist" - IgM: < 0.9, IgG: > 30 I understand that this means an exstablished infection and I could not expect it to be different. I have no idea what it means the fact that my IgG is so high. I have read that IgM negative in some cases means that there is no recurrence / active or acute infection, but not always. - RF IgA (normal range 0 - 14): 62. I have read that this is an index of an established Rheumatoid Arthritis. This could probably correlate to the symptoms on my fingers. What I do not know is: can it be generated as a consequence of a herpes infection, as an autoimmune disease? Is this the possible reason why some people describe of symptoms getting worst after some years, or having nerve pain?
    • WilsoInAus
      She did see a doctor, it’s thrush.
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    • RNY18
      https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/z3b4x4/this-woman-is-telling-partners-she-has-herpes-with-a-comic?utm_source=vicefbus&fbclid=IwAR3xAXuZBdT-zVsukvq24WZ3Tqaltv-RTt2ukN9PtVk8xJx1PB0ZeHcWBoQ   "Now, Katie just passes the pamphlet to potential paramours when it’s time to dish herpes details, usually as soon as she senses sex is on the horizon. “It’s kind of nutty but people seem sort of charmed by it,” Katie said. “It’s also kind of silly, so it lightens the situation.”..."  
    • Tulip79
      Glad you got it checked out, now you know.  It looks painful!
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