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Is this herpes and when will symptoms gone. Need help

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Hi Everyone

 i been having these symptoms and would love to see if you have any knowledge or idea to what it might be.  i cant remember if i felt it before feb 5 but on that date i developed burning sensation around the tip of my penis and sometimes on the area next to my genitals which also turned into a big red spot. i went to the doctor and upon inspection told me it is a bacterial infection and gave me antibiotics and send a sample of my urine for testing.  on antibiotics i felt better the next couple of days fast forward to yesterday the pain came back and the red area while it is still there but got considerably smaller. the urine test came today with negative result leaving me wondering what the hell is wrong down there. last time i had intercourse was February 1st with my partner she is on valtrex and used protection. I developed a swollen lymph nodes for couple days. Rash is still there on both side of thighs. With consistent pain in the top of my penis. 

This sounds like I contracted a hsv2. Now how long does these symptoms of burnnig last I feel my penis is in fire 

thank you much appreciated

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Doesn’t sound like herpes.  Which is tiny postures not large spaces that stay for a long time.  

that doesn’t mean you don’t have it (80% of those that do have it don’t know it) but means this may be something else.  

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I am very skeptical. I have headeck nausea and developed slightly swollen lymph node on my groin area. Plus the ongoing pain with redness to my testicles 

I don't think there is anything else beside herpes that can cause all these symptoms

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    • Cas9
      Regarding Excision BioTherapeutics, apparently in animals. Here's their pipeline. https://excisionbio.com/pipeline/ Note that they are expecting to go to human trials second quarter of this year. We'll see if it happens since these pipeline dates often change. By the way, there are also other companies making progress for an HIV cure.
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      no way.. there's cure for HIV? 
    • DrumLoop8
      I'm glad I did the WB and can move forward. Thank you @WilsoInAus for being helpful with my many questions too. And also to @Tone123 who without his help, it would have been very difficult to Get the ball rolling! Thank you so much man. I owe you big time.
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @DrumLoop8 terrific that you have a firm answer and are able to move forward with confidence. Thanks for reporting back on the outcomes, really great insights for others that may have similar concerns and unsure of how to proceed!
    • WilsoInAus
      There is no evidence that is the case, it was a belief but has never been shown in vivo. And even in vitro, a lab, the results are inconclusive as to whether arginine has any impact, beneficial or adverse.
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