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Outbreaks ALL the time Anyone else experience this?

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I got it about 15 years ago...for the first 5-10 years I RARELY had outbreaks. But I moved to L.A about 5 years ago, and it seems to be almost constant since then.

For the most part they are like little paper cuts. Tea Tree Oil seems to heal them, but then they come back. Just started on Acyclovir because I couldn't take it anymore, I am constantly worrying about the outbreaks, and even started to think maybe it was something else like cancer or something because it is so often... I am going to go to my GYN to have her check. But they do seem to heal and then come back, so I suspect it is Herpes.

I noticed that my first week on Acyclovir I noticed a big improvement, but then had a few nights out drinking lots of wine this past week, which then led to smoking some cigarettes, which seems to be a trigger for me...so the OB came right back and won't really go away, it seems to heal, but then the "paper cuts" are back. Anyone else have similar experiences? I noticed that cutting out chocolate and nuts does seem to help. BUt I drink coffee everyday...do I need to cut out coffee? Anyone try natural supplements? I am at my wits end, and my hubby who is great about it, is naturally sick of the constant OBs.

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Yes, coffee (caffeine) leads to elevated levels of arginine in your body, which contributes to the virus's replication. If you're going to quit, make sure to drink a lot of water (2L a day) to avoid withdrawal headaches.

Try to think about what has changed since you moved to L.A., considering food, routine, exposure to different environments, etc.

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Hey Caroline, Happy new year. You've probably heard this before but caffiene, alcohol, sugar, cigarettes all stress your system, affect your sleep, and therefore predispose you to an outbreak. I find it really helps me to eat "clean" and of course drink lots of water when I've had outbreaks for months at a time. I know how frustrating it can be for you and your hubby. If you can cut out all unnecessary stressors and eat really, really, healthy it should lessen the severity and maybe help with the duration of your symptoms. Take care. ms.:-)

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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