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    • alphaCero
      Well, that's unusual, but not impossible. I've had HSV1 since childhood, and my IgG results will vary based on whether I'm taking anti-virals, but always have come out positive. I've known someone though who definitely had a cold sore, but never tested positive, so it's rare, but happens. It's possible he just carries a low count and transmitted to you via saliva but without direct oral sex, or that he doesn't have it and you had been a carrier for a long time and randomly had an outbreak right after having sex (unlikely), or some other random scenario. There's a reason why such a large part of the population is HSV1 positive - there are a lot of ways to get it, it's often asymptomatic, and most adults already have it. It's frustrating that we just don't have the resources to look deeply into these questions today. It seems like he's been pretty open to getting tested and hopefully educating himself along the way - that's at least something.
    • alphaCero
      It is so easy to stress over all kinds of symptoms, but generally speaking I'd say to trust your GP. They have the training, and they were there, so it's reasonable to believe them regarding your oral symptoms. I'd follow their advice and try to take care of yourself to be comforted and heal. In terms of your concerns about having Ghsv, a type-specific test for you and your partner can at lest tell whether either of you have a type I or II infection *somewhere*. The symptoms for hsv can be pretty variable and sometimes so mild that you wouldn't even notice, which holds true for men and women. If you don't have it, you can be thankful! If you do, you can be thankful the symptoms are so mild the possibility never even occurred to you until now! Remember that even if you have a positive test result of some kind, it's not conclusive where/when/by whom you might have been exposed. Just use the information you get to make informed decisions going forward. You're not alone no matter what the outcome, and every outcome is manageable. Be well
    • WarriorKing
      normally for most people hsv is lips and genitals, not tongue. fear can make you afraid of every little thing that you did or did not ever notice before and now you have an excess of fear. tongue irritation can occur for many reasons, none of which i am qualified to discuss. i suggest not shaving genital areas, trim hairs, don't upset the skin.  
    • Just a human being
      A- typical symtoms are rarer. It is less usual I think for a pimple to scab like that. But I am no pimple expert. Some people say if there is pus it isn’t but I think things out of spectrum can crop up with herpes. The likelihood of picking up herpes with condom use is low. Most of the mucus membranes for men is on the shaft of the penis. If the condom is used correctly and it was used during oral sex it’s highly unlikely. It’s too late to swab from what I personally know. Also I do not think symtoms on the bottom is common for men. Women tend to present with symtoms around the anus. I don’t know about men. Your situation sits out in a whole lot of unlikely and less than typical so I think you should put your weight of probabilities in the very unlikely and just follow up in the case of rare circumstances without worrying or becoming hysterical. 
    • Megneedshelp1
      So this is going to be a long one but please stick it out. I’ll be extremely grateful. So after going to my doctors for a general check up due to me having Molluscum (had during childhood, but reappeared when I was 19) he mentioned having a routine STD check. I thought nothing of it and accepted. Everything came back negative, syphillis, chlamydia, ghonnerea and HIV.  What I didn’t realise is that herpes wasn’t a routine test and I started looking online about what herpes involved. I was scared and uncertain about my status now beings as the more I read. The more symptoms I believe I’ve had. starting in 2018 I had developed iritis which apparently can be a result of H. This however was during a stressful period of my life.  Since my first sexual partner my posterior fourchette has always been weak and I have little tears (not serious) ever since. They heal within a day.  However. Whilst itchiness, blisters, soreness is the typical symptoms for when people have it (and I have never had) I have noticed that I have had a very very thin, not deep, none sore (unless touched) cut on my inner labia a few weeks ago.  Then three days ago I had a tiny tiny cut which resembled more of very thin tear I guess it closer to a definition, since the one on my labia was more of a cut ( but I would also say like a scratch) on the upper part of my genitals just where the pubic area ended. It was quite sore when touched but didn’t bother me otherwise. I have had this cut before however typically when my pubic hair is growing back. In around about the same area which goes away within 2-3 days maximum. Does this seem like genital herpes? further more, I now have concerns about my mouth too. This is the first time this has ever happened to me. And had occurred two days after I started panicking about this, so I would say I was extremely stressed. My tongue turned Pale and patchy with red indents on my tongue. Ulcers (eventhough they didn’t hurt) appeared on the back of the sides of my tongue. The sores then travelled all along the sides of my tongue to the tip of my tongue. (A few yellow patches still being on the back of either side of my tongue) Being in one place, then moving to another. I must say that I had smaller sores and then I had food poisoning which resulted in vomiting which then made the sores triple in amount. Also there are light yellow patches/dots on the back of my throat.  I have been using salt water rinses and bonjella on the sores. It’s important to note that the sores don’t hurt or irritate me UNLESS I use the bonjela which causes them to burn a little.  I have never had anything like this in my mouth before and this has lasted two weeks,  And I guess I’m just extremely upset because I’ve only had two sexual partners. And have been with my current partner for two years. So for all of this to suddenly occur has created so much stress for me. I’ve already told him that there is a possibility since I wanted to be open from the very beginning, but since the COVID scares, anywhere I could get the cuts on my genital swabbed is closed and it’s already gone now. So I’m hoping I could eat some advice here ..  when seeing my GP about my mouth she said it didnt look like herpes and was quite certain. She said it just looked like ulcers and said it could be down to the immense stress I’ve put myself under due to panicking. So... Is this thrush/stress/herpes???  Here are the links to the Reddit page I made showing the problems with my mouth as I unfortunately have no pictures of my genital cut. https://www.reddit.com/user/MegneedsHelp/comments/fql64p/is_this_herpes/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf https://www.reddit.com/user/MegneedsHelp/comments/fql040/is_this_herpes/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf https://www.reddit.com/user/MegneedsHelp/comments/fqkzlh/is_this_herpes/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf   THANK YOU 

Herpes blister(s) life cycle?

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I’ve had genital HSV2 for 30 years—I take Valacyclovir daily and have not had an occurrence in several years.  In the past month, twice I’ve had what looks like a red line—I really can’t see a “blister” per say.  It’s in a creased area and has happened in the same place both times.   The redness comes and goes within 48 hours.   My bottom line question is, can a GHSV2 blister (if there was one) come and go in 48 hours?  My thought has been it’s might be a dry skin issue.   Thanks in advance,  JHenry

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Yes, sounds like an outbreak to me. I'll get paper cut like lesions that are tiny, but around the area is red and irritated. I would not say the cut can come and go that quickly, but maybe the redness and tenderness can.

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