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Scared to Death

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

I recently broke up with my serious boyfriend and had sex with 3 other guys, I used protection and they all claimed to be clean but I was scared so I looked down there. It looks like I have some kind of a rash of little bumps but they don't look like most of the pictures I've seen of herpes and they don't hurt. They were itchy once but I haven't felt them ever sense then. I've also been having more vaginal discharge recently. It doesn't smell but it's really thin and white. I'm so so scared of what's wrong with me and I've made an appointment but I haven't been able to sleep thinking about it. I read on a lot of websites that many people have few or no symptoms of herpes?.Could I have it??

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I don't know...

But having lots of discharge was a main symptom when I had my initial outbreak. But it can be a symptom of many other things, and it doesn't even have to be STD.

You made an appointment already.. So, you're gonna find out sooner or later.

Just relax. Worry doesn't make the situation better. Nothing's gonna kill you.

Even if it's herpes, you'll be just fine. This is not that horrible thing as you think it is. <smile>

Till you go see the doctor, try not to think about it. OK? No matter what, I know you'll be ok.

Best wishes..


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