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Vitagerpavak in a recent long term study caused complete remission in some patients


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The most interesting clinical results in one study was complete remission in about 20% of patients after taking it for 4 years (5 times twice a year) confirmed 10 years later.


According to N.S. Potekaeva and M.A. Samgina (Department of Skin and Sexually Transmitted Diseases of the Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy), after regular use of the vaccine in 133 patients with RHG remissions, there was a clear tendency to increase, relapses were absent for 1 to 3 years. The same authors examined 34 patients with RHG 10 years after four years of regular vaccination. Complete remission was observed in 6 people, and a significant improvement - in 20 people.


I just had my first course finished in Feb. Aside from some soreness at the injection site it went well. Has anyone used this? I'd like to see more feedback on it. Oh I also emailed the researchers to get more information so we can make informed decisions.


Here's the website of the maker of the vaccine: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ru&u=https://vitagerpavak.ru/&prev=search

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- _ - Aint THIS  a bitch?.. Who has the money and understanding of multiple-languages to go all the way to moscow most of the time just for this injection??.. 


It is the most overcomplicated series of steps to something ive ever seen. And it apparently requires $ 850 USD ?? GEEZ. Can someone inform me better on this than that website was able to? So tired of my hsv1, No access to hemoform anymore because its gone. v_v

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I did 1 course but I didn’t get into remission before hand (I still can’t). Before taking it I was getting frequent muscle twitches and now I get them rarely. Also outbreaks seem less severe. I’m gonna try it again with immune stimulators. Genferon and amixin. 

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On 2/19/2021 at 9:21 AM, Thomas92 said:

From what I can tell, you can order it here: https://rupharma.com/vitagerpavac/ . I’m also curious if anyone has on here has had positive outcomes. 

Did anyone ordered it online? Shipping time? Does it ship to anywhere? 


So the price is about 150€ for 1 course (=5 times, 1 time each 7 days? ) 


Is it simple to self take? (by the help of a friend) 

I would like to try it, and I am considering it. 

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I bought it at rupills.com and they shipped it. It was a bit cheaper. You just reconstitute with bacteriostatic water and inject it intradermally every 7-10 days. You should be in remission for like 2 weeks to a month and go on immune stimulants and multivitamins before hand is what vitapharma suggests. 

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@Den91 Thanks  for your help since rupharma doesn't transport to india hence  I have ordered it from rupill's.com. It's on hold as of now(ordered just now), hope they will dispatch soon. 

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    • WilsoInAus
      Hi @bme2020 there's a few things to consider here. Two equivocals with no outbreaks is almost invariably negative. The chances of you having genital HSV-2 are quite remote. Let's assume a person does have genital herpes and uses tweezers. It is very unlikely for enough on the virus to transfer to the tweezers. Further, exposure to oxygen kills the virus. Hence you can expect in most practical circumstances the virus to be viable for only seconds to minutes. Let's no go into what would have to happen at the other end as well to actually infect someone - they'd pretty well have to jab into a nerve!
    • 6dude0
      I first found out I was exposed to hsv2 in early January. I never had an outbreak that I knew of. I had my 1st moderna shot March 14 and my 1st hsv2 outbreak a couple days later.  it was very minor.  I took valtrex and it cleared in 3 or 4 days. I had my 2nd moderna shot April 14. I had a minor out break the next day. I took valtrex and was gone in 2 days. I  suppose it could be coincidence but...after my 2nd outbreak I strongly suspected a tie. I wouldn't let this affect my decision to get the vaccine. 
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @Mard3 the most important ingredient to reducing transmission chances is knowledge of your infection. Where the infected person is using this knowledge to avoid sexual activity during actual and potential outbreaks, then transmission chances are quite low indeed. In these circumstances, female to male transmission is about a 4% chance over a whole year of sex. Hence even over three years the chance is still quite low. It is lower still if condoms are used for example and if you are taking antivirals. Of discordant couples, about half will go their whole married lives together without transmitting at all!!
    • bme2020
      Hello all!    This may seem like a crazy question. But my mind is spiraling in the whats if’s. I have tested equivocal for HSV2 twice with no obvious OBs.  So I’m not even sure my status, but any itch, twitch, weird bump, etc I get sends me over the edge every time. Anyways, last week I felt a pimple/bump on the left side of my vulva. If you weren’t feeling for it, you wouldn’t know it was there really. It was a small bump (like half of a pea size). Pretty much skin color. So I investigate and of course try to pop it and pick it like I should not do! Lol.  Nothing really came out. I thought I saw a little hair or something so I got tweezers and picked at it. Couldn’t get anything and just irritated it more. Fast forward two days and it’s gone and healed.    The tweezers I used were my family members. I truly can’t remember if I cleaned them off or not before putting them back, I was so panicked. Today she said she has a cold sore on her mouth. She has always had oral cold sores so this isn’t a new thing for her. But in my mind I’m panicking connected the two. What are even the chances that say what i was picking at the tweezers with WAS HSV, and she then used them around her mouth, could get she the HSV2 that I maybe have? It would have been over 24 hrs from the time I used the tweezers to when she possibly could have (and again, i don’t even know if she’s used them, I’m just freaking out about what if she did!) is this even possible? To transmit HSV from infected tweezers if someone uses them near their mouth?    I know it’s all a bunch of what if’s but hopefully someone can provide some insight on this. Thank you! 
    • Mard3
      I have dated the same guy for 3 years and some how he has not gotten it. I'm wondering how that is possible? 
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