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Neurological damage associated with HSV2

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6 hours ago, hopeing said:

I sometimes get a blocked inner ear, never used to get it before, can't say for sure but I wouldn't be surprised if its a side effect of the virus being in the ganglion near the ear. 

I don't think my hearing is actually damaged, just the fluid on the ear makes the hearing bad while its there. I also get hayfever so it may just be related to that, flushing my sinus with salt water spray tends to help.

Yes, there definitely seems to be a link, as when my hearing is worst I often have a lesion somewhere, but it's odd that it took nearly 30 years to have any effect on my ear. I've wondered if it has found it's way INTO the inner ear, rather than just near it. 


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On 5/20/2020 at 4:36 AM, Neuro_loss said:

Hi, thanks - I'd be surprised if I was deficient in any vitamins tbh because my diet is pretty good, and I eat quite a lot of B12-rich foods. That said, if I remove all nuts I'll probably have to take some supplements to counter what is lost. I eat turkey once a year at Christmas :-) Removing sugar and alcohol is going to be a struggle though.....

I haven't forgotten my own name yet, but I've forgotten a lot of other people's names!



I have pernicious anemia. My body can not absorb the B12 from food. So I have to take shots. It runs through welsh bloodlines really bad too. I’m like heins 57 and have so many different backgrounds. Lol. But my grandfathers parents are welsh. 

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