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You are your own worst enemy

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Hi everyone. 

I know everyone on this site is coming here for comfort, answers, advice, hoping that they read something that provides even just a small moment of relief that your life isn’t tainted forever and that life as you once knew it isn’t just a distant memory. I myself have felt such sadness and frustration and although we hear “it’s not a big deal” or “it’s so common” this provides little comfort to us because we are the ones wondering how we will navigate this new normal and we are the ones looking round at people or seeing even silly things like scenes in movies and instantly thinking - it will never be that simple for me again to have a spontaneous experience and feel so comfortable in my own skin. 

What I have come to realise is that these feelings and thoughts are the thoughts which hold us back from living and experiencing life like everyone else. I think what is important to do is to keep perspective, if anything I have become a master of feeling hopeless to quickly snapping into PERSPECTIVE with what we are dealing with! Yes it is a different thing to navigate but you are so much more than this!!! We have so much more to offer. I have learnt the only thing that actually combats this is true self love, if you truly love yourself and romantic companions can see this and know they can not break this love with yourself they will also see past it and love you the same way or at least be in awe of it.

I have done this and really this self confidence will ooze out of you when you truly learn to love yourself herp and all and it will be the start of you I promise!

i have had nothing put positive experiences and I really believe this is because I refuse to let it be a reason not to want to enjoy everything else I have to offer.  

Go out there, live your life, be honest when you feel it is right, and LOVE YOURSELF! And you will see that this is not something to spend your days thinking about and torturing yourself over. 

A blind person would trade us 

A terminally ill person would trade us 

A paralysed person would trade us 

always put this into perspective and be kind to yourself. 

I am 8 years in and doing just fine :) but if I have one regret, it isn’t sleeping with the person who gave me this it is the time wasted worrying about it. Give yourself a break and go live the one life you have been given and don’t let this be an evil but a lesson that life hands out lemons in lots of ways, if this is the only lemon we have let’s be grateful ❤️



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Hi there. 
I’ve joined this just last night whilst I was indeed hating myself. I was diagnosed in March of this year and I’ve so far had two outbreaks. I want to first thank you for posting this. It brought me to tears but please know it’s what I needed to read. Although I do like reading those comforting words from all the other users here, I know I need to now learn to love who I am today. I know I need to learn that perspective is everything and that really, my life isn’t over. Again, thank you for posting. ♥️

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@Mjles I’m glad this brought you some comfort, it is so true that perspective is what we all need, in the early days it’s hard to think about it like that but we can go over our symptoms our worries our experiences all day but is doesn’t change the fact. Everyone has their own journey and I promise you this gets easier it may not feel like it right now but it does, stay kind to yourself and know that this is a minor bump in the road we call life 



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