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    • WilsoInAus
      Just because you have HSV-1 doesn't mean everything that happens on your lips is related to HSV. It does seem like a dermatologist would be a good move if your doctor is not thinking broadly enough.
    • whereismyanswer
      Yes, taken the blood test and came back positive for HSV1.  I wish it was angular cheilitis. I'm going to look into other doctors for treatment options.  
    • Just a human being
      A lot of people don’t understand me nor the importance of the emerging evidence. They think I’m promoting a product or here for financial gain! They mistake a complex social environment with science failing to realise it’s an open poll with many factors affecting the outcomes! They mistake anecdotal trying as the way forward over the importance of the emerging evidence to shed more light on the mechanisms of how clearance could be achieved. That it opens up the further discourse for integrative medicine and related sectors in healthcare. That it means people will no longer have to run around for decades trying to find their answers! Our doctors and scientists are persecuted and ridiculed and too scared to speak the truth! Unless we build a groundswell movement behind it things won’t change. Instead people seek to destroy what they don’t understand! It’s been a tough, frustrating year arguing and advocating for the recognition of integrative medicine. Often with those HSV infected trying to beat it down THE MOST! I guess in any troubled times we have thoughts to turn back to to give us strength. Mine is Lady GaGa. Bullied at school and rejected many many times in her early career Lady GaGa is one of the wealthiest and most influential pop stars. Arguing for her brand of pop music she knew it was the next big thing but getting people to listen was harder.  Lady GaGa often gives inspirational speeches of success after much rejection: “It’s not about winning,” Gaga continued. “What it is about is not giving up. If you have a dream, fight for it. If there is a discipline, or passion, it’s not how many times you get rejected or you fall down or are beaten up. It’s about how many times you stand up and are brave and keep on going.” At the start of the year we looked into the astrology of the year. This is the year of Rahu. Rahu brings change with shocks to break down barriers and taboos. I have to say I groaned at little damn shocks and shakes haven’t I had enough in my life! We have certainly had many! I will not stop standing up for the truth and recognition of integrative medicine! Unity in the community is important. Stop destroying recognition of your treatment. Educate yourself on the complex social environment and start thinking like a scientist! Again I think of Lady GaGa.    START ROARING FOR CHANGE!             
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @whereismyanswer my only comment for now is that are you sure these are cold sores and not another condition such as angular cheilitis? Valtrex is effective against oral cold sores in 95%+ of cases so there's a chance that something else is contributing at least.
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @Hjkl33 and welcome to the community. You are right to dismiss the IgM results, they have no real value in an adult for all the reasons I'm sure you have read about. Your positive test is a very low positive and hence very likely to be false. This combined with what I suspect has been no outbreaks makes a false positive highly likely. Another IgG test will help your understanding, just insist this is what you want.
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Single pimple

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I am very worried as my 10 year old daughter developed a pimple with a cream head on her clitoral hood. This is happening for the second time on the same spot in 3 months and it’s really worrying me. When it happened fist time I freaked out considering my own Hsv2 positive status. I took her to the sexual health clinic and was referred to peadiatrician as it was a safeguarding issue considering her age. I was not worried about that as there is definitely no issues there. They took 2 swabs which came back negative for both bacteria and viruses. I was relieved but was gutted when she developed the same spot yesterday. She is going through puberty and started growing some pubic hair. So I examined the spot properly to check for any hair to explain in it but there was none. Yesterday it was mostly flesh colored but this morning I could see a tiny graze on it and some pus like stuff that seem to have oozed out. Why is this happening on the same spot and why is my daughter getting this? Could I have accidentally passed my infection to my child. I am really stressing out as I have moved mountains to keep my kids safe from all this. I have taken very precaution and I don’t see why my little girl is getting these symptoms. She is not complaining of pain or any sensations so am wondering if it could be jus a sabaceous gland that's overactive. Could they have missed the herpes previously? Is it acne if so why same spot. I don’t know if anyone can give any pespective. I am soooo stressed. I am dealing with a lot already my own outbreak are so constant I can’t remember the last time I live with no herpes sensations.

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Hey @Stressedmom whatever is happening for your daughter it will not be related to your infection.

It is not feasible for accidental transmission in ordinary circumstances as you suggest.

I hope they find the cause soon, but I’m thinking it is innocuous and not uncommon.

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