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Ethics question

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Hello all, thank you for sharing your experiences. I've been dealing with HSV 1 for a few months now, which I believe I have in "both" areas, and maybe other areas as well. The disease has little affect on me physically, and there are many dating websites to meet people, so I'm not worried much about that. What drives me crazy is I work with a pregnant woman, who is in her third trimester. My constant worrying is from all this business about spreading oral herpes through casual contact, and now I'm learning you can spread "herpes whitlow" through handshakes, which I suppose I could have now with no symptoms. KNowing this, does this mean I ethically should never shakes hands again?? Would God be happy with me walking around, knowing I could risk passing on to a woman and then her baby?

I'm so LOST- please HELP!

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I tried to do some research about viral shedding in Herpes Whitlow but could find no reliable information about it. I would assume that, like any HSV infection, Whitlow also has shedding phases - where you might have virus on your fingers but show no symptoms.

This actually has made me think quite a bit on this.. it's not so much that herpes can be spread through the fingers, but that shaking hands while shedding on your fingers may be followed by the other person touching their mouth or genital region later on. Of course, getting the virus on your lips or genitals makes transmission much more likely compared to getting it through the fingers.

If you haven't had Whitlow before, I don't think shaking hands holds very much risk. Nevertheless, hygiene is still very important - you might touch your mouth, for example, and get the virus on your hands that way. From an ethical point of view, it is probably safer to avoid contact with her. If you feel really weird, maybe you could use a hand sanitizer (would need to be one that kills the virus).

Thanks for your post and for thinking about this.

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dont worry yourself too much, iver worked in health care exposed to mrsa and many other things....the odds of you giving her or her baby it is very minimal, just practice good handwashing and dont touch ur sores and then shake hands without washing 1st.

also to keep everything in perspective....at least 80% of the population has been exposed to type 1 and probably even more than that! my mom had cold sores and she even kissed me as a child, so dont lose too much sleep, even if by some freak chance u exposed the baby, it would be no more or less of a disaster then it sharing a drink or a kiss with another toddler when it gets older......so just relax

god bless

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the rough side of the road

Hiya love,

This is the rough side of the road regarding this illusive disease... my daughter has a tough time because she always wants to kiss babies... I'm always telling her not to. This week end was particularly hard because her mouth was itchy all around and there was a baby visiting... it was so hard for her to resist the cute adorable baby... so it is hard, but we do have to be responsible with our illnesses. We can not be to Herpes what a firing squad is to a death row prisoner... by this I mean a firing squad is used to ensure no man knows who shot the fatal bullet... we too can not fire aimlessly saying, "If so and so ever got H, there is no way to prove it was me... I'm not the only one who kissed them, shook their hand, had sex with them, etc." We must be responsible and do our best at prevention... not cage ourselves... but do our best, then, and only then, we are free of any fault.

Hope this helps love...

Love and light go with you...

Ms. Rachel E. Milano

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I'm just curious... if you've never had symptoms of herpes Whitlow, why would you suspect you have it?

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Roja
      Why is it your worst fear to have GHSV-1? 
    • Miss Horne
      Not sure if this has already been mentioned before, could we donate to his lab? Hsv specifically? 
    • Gems
      It can be very difficult to diagnose I do not know the lab discussed here but I have read about sexual health clinics that no longer use the blood tests for this reason of false negatives. Even swabs can be hard they were in my case.  I know I have it and never resorted to the biopsy.

      Do your own research and consult with GP's. I would assume you have this until its totally ruled out.  

      I read about a person on this site who tested neg on the IgG and pos on the weston blot.

      Please do your own research. 
    • Gems
      If it is an issue why not speak to admin about creating two separate threads...one for those looking at natural management and "supposed" natural cures and one looking at medical breakthroughs. That way both interests are served, no one is offended and people who wish to look at both can. No one is excluded and everyone included. Those who want to stay with the medical threads can. Maybe there will be less issues that way. 

      Personally I would prefer not to engage with those who are seeking vaccines and gene tech ect esp if they are nasty or condescending and prefer to support and encourage like minded without the excessive debates in a supported enviro.

      Just putting it out there.

      @Heatbroken Sydney

    • Gems
      do not panic. be more careful in future and work through the tests. you are better to assume you do and isolate a bit and watch the symptoms. it is hard to test for via blood, and swabs. weston blot is supposed to be most reliable and biopsy too although extreme. red lump that sort of crusted - well herpes symptoms vary widely. 

      it can be hard to deal with doctors as they can assume you do not have it if some test come back neg...they do not always take the attitude to look for it.

      do not panic and follow the steps and research.

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