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GHSV2 and breastfeeding?

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I'm 36 weeks pregnant and I have only ever had one outbreak which was a year ago. I am currently on daily acyclovir 3x a day until delivery. I read on here that my baby can get HSV from me breastfeeding him and that seriously breaks my heart. Can someone clarify?

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As far as i know, herpes is not transmitted via breastmilk unless you have it on your nipples. My advice is to wash your hands before breastfeeding baby and changing diapers.


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No. Unless you contracted herpes on your nipples. Herpes in immune comptent people is localized to the area it infected. Boxer short area for genital herpes and facial area for oral herpes. You can donate blood if you want to.

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I have hsv1 and hsv2,  in their usual places, and just had a homebirth. My midwife has had me on valacyclovir for the month preceeding. She advises me that I can breastfeed with no risk of transmission, and that as long as I don't have an active coldsore or feel  one coming on that it is safe to kiss my baby.

I generally use L-lysine, st John's wort, and diet to control ob's; while breastfeeding st. John's wort is not advised since it mimics certain psych meds (ssri's i believe). Valacyclovir does not seem to cross breastmilk, but can diminish supply in some individuals. Though I have not had this experience. 

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    • Laguna
      Please know that self-administration of SADBE is high risk and can be dangerous. It is promising but the two trial/studies were very small and the rest is anecdotal. So if you are going to use it, then just take full responsibility for yourself and if there are any reactions like severe skin irritation at application site or any other unknown side effects, you will need to be prepared for that. You may not have any reaction.   Also, I have had 2 doctors who I told and both were supportive in my self treatment but one doctor almost lost her mind when I told her I acquired it and self administered. She said in some cases she can refuse to treat because she doesn't know how the medication she prescribes will interact. 
    • Laguna
      Oh no! Getting it from China it comes at 97-98% pure Squaric acid, and diluting it to 2% is the route some of us are taking if it's the only way to get it. It is definitely done at your own risk and with your own research. If you are able to get it from a pharmacy after getting a prescription from a physician then it will come mixed correctly. But every doctor I tried hadn't even heard of Squaric acid or just known of it as a last resort treatment for warts. 
    • Muscha
      If you take it multiple times you can expect the results to vary but Im not sure how wildly it might fluctuate.  If you had taken the test without a breakout, anything under 3.5 could possibly be a false positive.  Since you had a "nice breakout" after a sexual encounter and tested 2.82, I would assume it is not a false positive.  It sounds like your body is responding well with no additional breakouts.  As a consideration, a Western Blot test would be an additional test (very precise) if you are looking for clarity.
    • dont quit!17
      So it doesn't come mixed at the right percentage?
    • dont quit!17
      Is SADBE still effective for you? Thats interesting you went the naturopathic route. It sounds like they are might be more open to ordering meds off label. 
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