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    • Aubrey77
      Thank you 
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @Aubrey77 these symptoms are not something that oral HSV-1 can cause. In the end herpes would do what it does best and this is cause a sore somewhere on the lips . It might tingle a little as it forms, be inconvenient as it blisters and then crust as it heals and all look a little unsightly. But that’s herpes.    No reason to disbelieve your doctors thoughts on your issues.
    • Aubrey77
      Any feed back is welcome. I get these small bumps inside my right cheek. They do not hurt or burst. They just come and go. I showed them to doctors and the say they come up with stress and foods. Problem is I have pain and muscle spasms down right arm and in legs. Are these all ongoing issues for getting virus? I am not sure was going on with my body anymore 
    • Runner278
      Update: met with PCP Friday to get a referral to neurologist. During the discussion he discussed my low white blood cell count from a test I took in February. My count is/was 3.61. I asked him if that could be contributing to slow development of antibodies. He didn’t really react to it much. With that said, I did take another IGG test Friday which came back negative. I’m at week 12 post suppressive therapy and week 14 total without taking AVs. I emailed Terri Warren to see if she feels I need to wait longer to take the western blot to allow my WBC to increase and/or allow antibodies to develop. I want to use the WB as the final step in my testing journey and I don’t want to have to question the results.    Anyone have any experience or knowledge of someone with low/lower WBC and how long it took them to seroconvert?
    • asdfz
      Does anyone know what the side effects of pritelivir are?  Has anyone on this site actually tried it? 

Very interesting new article about possibly new HIV drug

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1 hour ago, Just a human being said:

@WilsoInAus I have ZERO interest to discuss the topic further on public threads. ZERO. If the moderators arbitration is to remove the comment that is ZERO problem by me. I am a mature adult. Thank you!

Good, as there is ZERO tolerance for illegal behaviour. Synergy is a scam that preys on the vulnerable for financial gain. It is clear that YOU are clearly personally involved in the following:

  • Creating false profiles on linked-in for non existent people
  • Fraudulently using the name of a University in conjunction with non-existent research
  • Posting links to this fake material.

Mature adults do not engage in the above behaviours.

Thank you!

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*Sigh* article locked due to it being completely off topic. OP can repost for discussion regarding original subject.

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