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Licking and sucking nipples

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8 minutes ago, Cas9 said:

If the sucker (as opposed to the suckee) has ohsv, then they can transmit it. Why did you say "No"?

Where did you get this info from? Are you in antivirals? Also does this person have HSV1

From my understanding HSV1 is transferred commonly from skin to skin contact with friction in the area of shedding which for OHSV would be the head area to someone in there head area and/or genital area. Saliva on the nipple would not transmit. 

Here’a a video 


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@HCT53 How rare herpes is on the nipples is a separate issue. The point is that there's skin and nerves there, therefore, it is possible to infect that area with the virus. That said, I'm not suggesting that a person without any oral symptoms should abstain from nipple sucking, but if were me, I would not be sucking any nipples if I had a cold sore.

We don't know whether the person had ohsv, therefore, we can't say "No", infection can not occur on the nipples from nipple sucking. Obviously, if the person has ghsv, then of course nipple sucking has no risk.

Not sure why you asked me about antivirals.

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    • James123
      Entendi.. essa varivax eu tomei anos atrás mas nao tive resultado.. so com este tratamento que fiz agora. Ate agora nada de lesoes desde que terminei (ja faz cerca de 1 mes) inclusive estou bebendo bastante alcool ultimamente, dormindo pouco e mesmo assim nao aparece. No maximo uma dorzinha fraca na area no dia seguinte mas as lesoes nao vem.. creio que cada vez fique mais dificil de aparecer, pois o sistema imune vai ficando mais eficaz em evitar, ja que nao vou estar tomando o aciclovir.   I'll send an email to Anderson and ask why he is taking so long to answer.. maybe he doesnt speak well english, i dont know, but with me usually he answers within 1 day.
    • Janedoe2325
      Pleaseee help
    • Janedoe2325
      Herpes simplex 1 igg 33.20 reference range <0.90 negative herpes simple 2igg 0.09 reference range <0.90 negative  Herpes simplex 1&2 igm 1.80 reference range <0.90 negative equivocal range 0.90-1.09
    • Cas9
      The clown and scammer @biancamuller has been reported to Admin
    • pizza711
      I’m very sorry to hear about your situation. I too have just been diagnosed. I think what we need is to realize that maybe what happened to us isnt a bad thing and that maybe its God trying to tell us we need to focus on something else in our lives right now. Sending love and prayers your way - hopefully our prayers will be answered with a cure soon.    Also I’m not sure where Phili is, but I’m in Los Angeles and would love to have a conversation over the phone with you if that would help.
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