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    • Nath
      Have you tried it yet?  
    • ScottoD
      Maybe it is related to the immune system being down but I have definitely had cold sores consistently after getting flu shots.    Its not a coincidence.   Also , people who get the Shingrix vaccine also report OBs
    • Shanshine
      How can GHSV-1 be transmitted genital to genital? How rare is it? 
    • Graph14
      Apparently there is a soap and a shower gel that has been showing improvement with HSV. This soap is produced in California and is used by some Gynecologist’s.    https://www.authenticvibrations.com/online-store  It’s worth a try.
    • Runner278
      Just wanted to provide everyone an update.  I’ve been taking gabapentin for over two weeks now. It seems to be helping, specifically with pain (less severe) and less frequency. I wish I would have done this sooner. I got my Shingrix (first shot) Monday. I know there is a debate over whether or not this has some cross reactivity with HSV 1/2. I’m almost 50 and would need it anyway, so I decided to get it.    I had a red rash near my anus and decided to have it swabbed. While I was there I asked the dr to swab my penis to see if he could pick up any shedding. Both came back negative.    Did another IGG test at 18 weeks, which came back negative.    Next week I have my EMG scheduled and waiting for MRI.  Whatever is happening with my body seems to be nerve related. It is mostly the pudendal nerve and is affecting my butt, anus, penis and legs.  Hopefully I’m coming to the end of my journey. I’ve had a few moments without pain and it’s been awesome. Hopefully I can get my pain resolved and then work with my therapist on how I move forward. I appreciate all of the help, support and feedback. I’m a process guy, so going through this process is really necessary for me to move forward.  I’ll make sure I keep everyone informed as I know many threads like this get abandoned once people get answers. Hopefully this is helpful. 
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4th time feeling this way! 🤦🏽‍♂️

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So it’s been 4 months since I’ve been tested with supposedly HSV1 my igg was a 45.10 high, when first diagnosed I was told I could’ve had a uti which definitely was possible because symptoms were exactly the same as I read then I was prescribed to get a shot and some antibiotics, after all of that it cleared up within the week of medications being taken, my second time around it happened a month after being diagnosed with HSV1 I decided to have some protected sex which then reactived the uti I had the first time but this time it was very minor then the first one which then I told my doctor and was prescribed more antibiotics, The medication took about the same process to work after that I was good for about maybe another month then I decided I’d be clear again so I protected sex with the same partner and it came back again went again to the doctor and he prescribed me the medication he gave me the first time I was diagnosed I took it for a whole week and it never really worked I guess because my body was use to the same antibiotic but now it’s almost been a month in a half and the uncomfortablity drives me crazy, makes me feel so depressed and I work so it’s hard to have that full energy I had before all this. It sucks I wish I could just start all over because I feel disgusted in myself to know I could have something this serious and not be able to just fully get rid of it, also I believe I contacted it from receiving oral which the individual supposedly tells me that they definitely don’t have anything and I’m not very sexually actively to be honest when I received that I didn’t have any form of sex for 5 months before that, could some please tell me if this is really ghsv1 because this is plain out annoying to wake up to everyday 

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Not a lot to go on.  UTI symptoms are mostly during the initial outbreak.  Not during recurrences.  

therefore it doesn’t sound like herpes since it is only UTI symptoms.  


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Hsv can cause tingling and burning without outbreak. anxiety also can mimic uti symptoms.

Unless you have some other bacterial std, I would assume the uti symptoms are from anxiety.

Get tested for other stds, get your urine tested for uti  if you haven't and go to a specialist (dermatologist for std and urologist for uti)

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