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Is this herpes?  Ive been in disbelief that I do have hsv1 so I’ve been putting up to go  talk to a doctor because I don’t know what kinda questions to ask even if I did have the courage (Ps I do have a geo tongue 7A4E8C8D-FA0B-459F-909F-2D64AC18E3C9.jpeg.0557bda02cb4b26ab6a416ac2c3a6807.jpeg) I’m worried about the to Red holes above where my wisdom teeth would come in . Does anyone know if can you pass It on to animal/cats I’ve been so scared to give my kitty kisses or let her lick my face and would have to push my pet away 

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That looks much more like a canker sore than a herpes lesion. It would be rare to to have a herpes lesion inside the mouth like that.

That is independent of you HSV-1 status, which would be a 50/50 shot I suggest, and not really of much concern.

No you will not pass it on your animals - kiss away!

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I appreciate your help wilsoninaus with this I had 1 other photo that was inside my mouth that didn’t look similar more of tiny little white dots, but couldn’t resize it . 


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30 minutes ago, Sadcat said:

I appreciate your help wilsoninaus with this I had 1 other photo that was inside my mouth that didn’t look similar more of tiny little white dots, but couldn’t resize it . 


I figured it out does this look like a different canker sore or herpes? E221808F-19DB-4859-BEBF-9C97C8C320C6.jpeg.d3b2dee4429f28d7e475481cacef5a7b.jpeg

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Hey @Sadcat the second pic is probably something between poor oral hygiene through to gum disease. Could it be herpes, unlikely but only a swab can rule that out.

Again this is probably all very independent of your oral HSV-1 status that a blood test will resolve for you.

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The red holes are your tonsils, and they should be there.

The location is not usual for HSV. Have you eaten something too hot recently? Sometimes that can burn the mouth and leave such marks. If they're still there after a week or so see a doctor or even a dentist.

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1 hour ago, Evaluate said:

The red holes are your tonsils, and they should be there.

The location is not usual for HSV. Have you eaten something too hot recently? Sometimes that can burn the mouth and leave such marks. If they're still there after a week or so see a doctor or even a dentist.

Okay I never had a problem with my tonsils before so I never knew that’s where they were located .i stay far away from spicy food or do you mean temp wise the answer no .It’s going away btw 

im just so confused about hsv and since I’ve been diagnosed Ive been noticing these new thing that I didn’t Notice before that didn’t happen 

@Evaluate thank you for more insight 

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Noticing things is the brain doing what the brain does faced with such news, and can be more disruptive and stressful than HSV itself.  Listen to medical professionals and don't google all your symptoms - at the end of the day it'll just cause you more stress and anxiety.

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    • Lifeonhopes
      By Lifeonhopes
      Hi All,
      Me and my wife positive for hsv1 igg with value 2.1(wife) and 3.9(husband) tested four times in a year range not changed.
      We both do not have any symptoms of hsv1. We do not have hsv2 which is always negative.
      We are trying for baby, and had two miscarriage in the time spawn of 1.4 yr.
      Is there any relationship between hsv1 positive igg leading to miscarriage??
      Anyone faced same issue with hsv1 and miscarriage.
    • whereismyanswer
      By whereismyanswer
      Hello there. I'm a 24F, who has  had HSV 1 for 3 and a half years now. I got my first cold sore December of 2016 out of no where when I was 21. I was in school and working at a job that had me very stressed at all time. I came home one day and saw the bumps. Initially, I'd never thought anything of it as my dad always had them when I was growing up. Of course, you go on Google and after about 20 minutes of searching, you are absolutely devastated and disgusted with yourself.
      The first year after my 1st outbreak, I'd occasionally experience some shedding, but didn't get another breakout until the following year. Since that outbreak, I've pretty much steadily had cold sores every month for the last 2 and a half years. I was told birth control would help, because I was noticing outbreaks begin about a week before my cycle. Didn't change anything though.
      Earlier this year, I finally decided it was time to start suppressive therapy, given the fact that I had no success with natural remedies or hormone leveling using the birth control. I've seen no changes in the frequency of my cold sores since starting 1GM of Valcyclovior. It's been about 3 months, and I met with my doctor today to discuss the issue. She basically told me there was nothing she could do and to see a dermatologist. She also gave me the list of vitamins I already to take to try to include with my daily antiviral. I feel completely defeated. I don't know what to do now or if there is any hope. It hurts me so much because I'm so young and nothing has gotten better. Also, I don't think a dermatologist is the answer. Has anyone else experienced this?
    • Megneedshelp1
      By Megneedshelp1
      So this is going to be a long one but please stick it out. I’ll be extremely grateful.
      So after going to my doctors for a general check up due to me having Molluscum (had during childhood, but reappeared when I was 19) he mentioned having a routine STD check.
      I thought nothing of it and accepted. Everything came back negative, syphillis, chlamydia, ghonnerea and HIV. 
      What I didn’t realise is that herpes wasn’t a routine test and I started looking online about what herpes involved. I was scared and uncertain about my status now beings as the more I read. The more symptoms I believe I’ve had.
      starting in 2018 I had developed iritis which apparently can be a result of H. This however was during a stressful period of my life. 
      Since my first sexual partner my posterior fourchette has always been weak and I have little tears (not serious) ever since. They heal within a day. 
      However. Whilst itchiness, blisters, soreness is the typical symptoms for when people have it (and I have never had) I have noticed that I have had a very very thin, not deep, none sore (unless touched) cut on my inner labia a few weeks ago. 
      Then three days ago I had a tiny tiny cut which resembled more of very thin tear I guess it closer to a definition, since the one on my labia was more of a cut ( but I would also say like a scratch) on the upper part of my genitals just where the pubic area ended. It was quite sore when touched but didn’t bother me otherwise. I have had this cut before however typically when my pubic hair is growing back. In around about the same area which goes away within 2-3 days maximum.
      Does this seem like genital herpes?
      further more, I now have concerns about my mouth too. This is the first time this has ever happened to me. And had occurred two days after I started panicking about this, so I would say I was extremely stressed.
      My tongue turned Pale and patchy with red indents on my tongue. Ulcers (eventhough they didn’t hurt) appeared on the back of the sides of my tongue. The sores then travelled all along the sides of my tongue to the tip of my tongue. (A few yellow patches still being on the back of either side of my tongue) Being in one place, then moving to another. I must say that I had smaller sores and then I had food poisoning which resulted in vomiting which then made the sores triple in amount. Also there are light yellow patches/dots on the back of my throat. 
      I have been using salt water rinses and bonjella on the sores. It’s important to note that the sores don’t hurt or irritate me UNLESS I use the bonjela which causes them to burn a little. 
      I have never had anything like this in my mouth before and this has lasted two weeks,  And I guess I’m just extremely upset because I’ve only had two sexual partners. And have been with my current partner for two years. So for all of this to suddenly occur has created so much stress for me. I’ve already told him that there is a possibility since I wanted to be open from the very beginning, but since the COVID scares, anywhere I could get the cuts on my genital swabbed is closed and it’s already gone now. So I’m hoping I could eat some advice here .. 
      when seeing my GP about my mouth she said it didnt look like herpes and was quite certain. She said it just looked like ulcers and said it could be down to the immense stress I’ve put myself under due to panicking.
      So... Is this thrush/stress/herpes??? 
      Here are the links to the Reddit page I made showing the problems with my mouth as I unfortunately have no pictures of my genital cut.
      THANK YOU 
    • Searching4something
      By Searching4something
      In the summer of 2017 I noticed this odd sore . It went away in a week. I had been having protected sex , rough I might add. Anyways I'm convinced it is hsv . I tested from this discrete my lab box company back in 2018 and all negative I did this twice for HSV the test are finger sticks. I'm going to get a panel once so have my annual check up now that I have insurance. I haven't been sexually active for 2 years now. Is this in fact hsv. I've looked up plenty of images but not all of them look the same so it's hard to tell.  So far nothing is going on in my lady bits. But if so I'd to know so once I start becoming an active member again I'll need to spit this out right away.. Any ideas or should I wait and get a blood test from like a quest diagnostic center. Id rather not have anyone from my town looking in my medical records. Everybody wants to work in the damn hospital and are bitches who don't give a fuck about violating HIPPA a bunch of cunts. Any ways any thoughts on this would help.

    • kjs2019
      By kjs2019
      Hi, hive mind,
      I was diagnosed with genital herpes Oct. 2019 (HSV 1) and have been on antivirals since. This week, I’ve had a minor weird sore on my lip line (no prodromal symptoms) and I’m wondering if I contracted oral herpes at the same time. This would be helpful to ascertain, as my husband is HSV negative and we’re trying to keep it that way. Does anyone have any thoughts about this?
      I am wondering the following specifically. (1) If you have multiple sites of infection, how does an outbreak work? Do you get an outbreak everywhere you’ve been infected? Or just one site? (2) I’ve only experienced the initial outbreak (to my knowledge), so what can a “regular” outbreak look like when you’re on antivirals?
      Many thanks,
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