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Got blood test results, NEED HELP WITH TEST DATA!!!

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

I'm freaking out. I waited 3 1/2 months after exposure and got tested. I have never had any outbreaks, but I have had a period of a few days when my legs felt tired. The results of the blood test are as follows:

Herpes 1

IGG = 0.14

IGM = Detected

Herpes 2

IGG = 0.16

IGM = Detected

He told me that I was POSITIVE FOR BOTH HERPES 1 AND 2.

Right on the test sheet it said an IGG of less than 0.90 was negative. If I was positive according to the IGM, wouldn't the IGG be higher?

Please help me!!!! Is he correct???? Do I have both herpes 1 and 2???

From my research on the web, I thought that IGG was what we look at and the IGM was unreliable. He wasn't even looking at the IGG, he only saw that IGM said "detected" and said I had "Converted".

He said that the IGM tests for accute exposure, is 3 1/2 months after contact accute exposure. Also, I've read that IGM can react to things like chicken pox. I had chicken pox as a young kid. Could it have reacted because of that?

Please help me!!! I am very anxious and depressed,


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Hi MJ,

I know nearly nothing about the test result.

I have no idea about those numbers.

All I know is that you need some special knowledge to read the blood test result. It's not about just the numbers that appear.

And also, Igm is the antibodies that shows only short period from the day you were infected. Igg is the one which develope later. That's why Igg is more reliable.

The one who told you that you were positive for HSV-1 and 2.. is that your doctor who gave you the test? Doctors should know how to read it though.......


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Hey there,

I completely understand your frustration. It looks like I posted a message with the same subject not even 5 minutes after you posted yours in the "is it herpes" section. I received my blood test results today and my family physician was not the most helpful or knowledgeable person in interpreting them. I don't know what the difference is between igg or igm is. I will be scouring the internet looking for information, so if I find any good links I will send them to you. Please let me know if you find out any info that makes sense of these tests!!!

If anyone else out there has any info please let us know!!!!!!

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