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i have a question

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alright well i just found out i got herpes. like last week. it was my first time having sex and i got it. if you have sex with a guy can they automatically get it when you have it? im so scared to see what a guy would say if they know ihave it. most guys would leave me if they know =[

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They don't "automatically" get it if you have it. The chances are very good, however, if you are having an outbreak with sores and have skin-to-skin contact with them at that time. The risks are lower at other times.

A lot of your concerns are already addressed on these forums. Look around, use the search function and you will find that these questions have been asked and answered previously. There are entire topics based on when and how you should tell your partner about your status.

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definitely use this site and read up on it. it's the only support I get right now. I don't go to an outside counselor (no insurance...etc) but this site and the forum really help out.

Take time to learn more about what you have. It's okay to be afraid. We all are and once were. The people here are pretty supportive and will help you on your way. Take care!

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chicago girl

Hi Jess,

I'm sorry this happened to you. It happened to everyone here at some point in their lives~~i was 38 when it happened to me. I guess that we all need to learn from our mistakes. We all thought that STD's happened to other people, not to US! We are doctors and lawyers and teachers and students, wealthy and poor, black and white~~this virus doesn't discriminate.

You and I now have something in common (who knew you could have something in common with a 38 year old woman from Chicago!!). We both need to educate ourselves on every STD, not just herpes. Let's make this our only mistake. Commit yourself to being healthy and respectful of your partner. Remember that your partner could have HPV or HIV or Chlamdia or Warts or a number of other sexually transmitted diseases. We have seen how easily this can be transmitted, without precautions and education. Let's not get caught in the same situation with another STD.

Use this forum to vent, ask, listen and learn. We are here for you.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Cas9
      Here's the link again https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/30551986/ Bula, always include the http:// in URLs that you post so that we can just click on them instead of having to copy and past to the URL field.
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      I could not get the copy/paste function to work using my iPad.  First time that has happened. Oh welllllll.......
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      Any views on this update on the trivalent vaccine candidate? Appears to show some promise including some effect therapeutically though not sure how much. www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/30551986  
    • Tone123
      I was exposed as condom broke and after feeling funny I got us tested and she sure had hsv2 antibodies was like 15.5. I never got flu like symptoms. Just this mild burning sensation 
    • Tone123
      Thanks and yes I've been careful with towels and I take precaution as if I do have it. The thing is I don't have half the symptoms and maybe hsv1 is helping 

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