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Really down

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I still do not know if I have herpes or not. I had a blood test dec 8 it came back negative. But I don't know the specifics such as what type of test or the readings. I will have to go pick it up. I think I have been having outbreaks all over my body. On my face, lips, eyes, eye lids, ear and genitals. These outbreaks have been lasting about two to three weeks for my face/eyes and only one day on my penis. My stomach and groining stings and burns from time to time all day with very small pimples. The rug burns or paper slits on my penis comes within 24 hours after direct friction. After about one shower there gone.

I have gone to my primer care doctor and he said the bumps on my eye lids and face are pimples, would not even look at my pelvis area and gave me a prescription for allergies. I explained to him what I thought and I wanted a blood test for herpes. The doctor told me the only way to test is to take a swab of a open blister and that a blood test could show exposure but does not mean I have herpes because I (and most people) could have been exposed years earlier. Tomorrow I will go see a third doctor and try to get the right test. This is ridiculous professional Doctors that just don't know and will not examine. I'm going crazy. My GF and I broke up and I haven’t told her about this yet. If I do have it I don't know where or who gave it to me. I was celibate for six year prior to meeting her, sex with one girl with condom three years twice, before that t I had unprotected sex with three other women in my life time (I am in my 40's) about fifteen years ago.

I really don't know what to do or will do if I do have herpes. Someone give me a little advice.

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Get a reference to see a dermatologist, if you haven't already. Or get a different primary care doctor.. don't just limit yourself to one, get a second opinion. Doctors aren't all the same.. some can be real douchebags, some are brilliant, and some are unremarkable.

You are looking for an IgG antibody test. Whether you do or do not have herpes, you should probably look at your diet. I have said this so many times on these forums that I am starting to sound like a broken record player. Many skin conditions arise from environmental exposures or dietary sensitivities.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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