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How can GHSV1 Thrive on Genital

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This question has been eating me up for some weeks now, but I am wondering how can ghsv1 thrive in a part of the body it isn’t usually suppose to show up on? If HSV1 typically causes cold sores and the virus attacks a specific ganglia area, how can it survive else where? This makes me wonder are the types of HSV important since you can get in orally or genitally? 

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    • Dubneedshelp
      By Dubneedshelp
      Hey guys. I was just diagnosed with genital herpes after a visual examination. I've had all the possible symptoms - fever, chills, aches, sore throat, bumps on vaginal area and discomfort when peeing. I'm waiting to find out what strain I have and I have so many questions/am just feeling so terrible so would appreciate any help. 
      1: Does it really matter which strain you have? Should you still disclose this diagnosis to potential future partners? 
      2: Has anyone noticed small bumps on their fingers from the infection? Are these contagious? I have small bumps on one finger that haven't broken but are uncomfortable when touched. 
      3: Is it possible to have infection in both the mouth and genital area at one time? Most of the stuff I've read has said if you have bumps on the vagina then it's genital herpes but my throat is so sore and seems to have bumps way at the back - no sores yet. 
      4: Linked to Q.3, if I have genital herpes can I spread infection by kissing alone?
    • Shanshine
      By Shanshine
      How can GHSV-1 be transmitted genital to genital? How rare is it? 
    • Q2Josh
      By Q2Josh
      So basic every morning I wake up with a bunch of smegma on my tip it’s white. Like I’ll take a shower wash my meat and everything the next day it’s there. Also the side of my thighs have a white patch ashy it itchy sometimes but not big deal. Like shii annoying my doctor gave me balanitis cream but look like my glans still dry like wtf is going on mind you I’m a teen going through all them shii. I just want to be done w life🤦🏾‍♂️😡😔 
    • Rivergreen
      By Rivergreen
      I noticed a small tiny "scab" on my penis about 5 days ago, completely painfree, and messed with it abit, which underneath was reddish skin. I messed with it more and it looked a little "wet" with some very tiny fluid. It became just a little painful to the touch sometimes. However its very tiny. Ive been observing it daily and its probably not getting a chance to scab over coz of my constant touching it. I do notice the tiny amount of fluid everytime. Could this be HSV? I am unsure if i have it. About a month ago a small wet looking blister appeared on my left thigh (pic attached). At that time i thought it was just an insect bite. Was not painful but itchy, and left a small scar after healing. Im just wondering if these could be symptoms of HSV.  Could i be having recurring symptoms without knowing? 
    • JeffBridges
      By JeffBridges
      I’ve made some posts earlier this month on my presumptive status.
      I was tested 12 days since the initial exposure. The test results are back...
      HSV 1/2 IgG Aby-HSV1 IgG, Type Spec <0.91 (0.00-0.90 index)
      HSV 1/2 IgG Aby-HSV2 IgG, Type Spec  = 1.27 (0.00-0.90 index)
      HSV 2 IgG Supplemental Test-HSV-2, IgG Supplemental Test = Negative
      All other stds came back negative. On the 10th day, white stinging cloudy discharge came out of the tip of my penis. 
      It still hurts to urinate, but not as intensely. What looks like “contact dermatitis” on the head of my penis but the bumps are sparsely patched and not filled with pus. On the day of my test, I was given 2 acyclovir and I felt like the symptoms went away for a few days.
      No visible lesions and the culture came back negative.
      But still, I was told to get retested 30 days from initial exposure (so July 18th). 
      I will get retested, but from the description provided above, what are the odds that the First test results are accurate and that I do have HSV2?
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    • Cas9
      Herpes blisters typically are clear fluid filled. Also, you would typically have more than a singular blister. I lean away from it being herpes.
    • Aurora_
      Hello Bd2132, it does look like herpes. But to be completely sure get tested. That's the only way to be 100% sure. Hope things turn out well for you. If you do have herpes just remember there are a lot of people on this cite that will help you. Blessed be
    • Bd2132
    • Bd2132
      Hey everyone,      I had unprotected sex 2 weeks ago, and noticed what I thought was a pimple or ingrown hair at the base of my penis about 3-4 days later. At first I didn't think anything of it, because I had done some shaving as well. But I'm now starting to get worried.    Besides the red spot, I have felt the need to urinate more frequently, which is what made me start thinking something else was going on.    I do have an appointment with a doctor next week to get tested regardless, I'm just panicked now.      The spot never blistered, it has just been a red lump with what looked like a white head pimple. I did pop it not thinking, and what came out was a white solid like a pimple. It has only been this one spot as well.      Does this look like it could possibly be herpes?
    • Amnprsc
      Did anyone ordered it online? Shipping time? Does it ship to anywhere?    So the price is about 150€ for 1 course (=5 times, 1 time each 7 days? )    Is it simple to self take? (by the help of a friend)  I would like to try it, and I am considering it. 
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