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Note from FHC Explaining how our donations will be used

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Let's continue to keep this rolling.  Sign up for a monthly donation if you can.

The goal has been updated to $200k.  I honestly don't see any reason why we can't raise $1 million for this cause.

The main thing, I believe, is to have enough monthly donors so that there is a torrent of money flooding in every day.  If you feel like you can't afford monthly donations, that's no problem (though many people can probably afford $5 monthly), donating whatever you can or at least just sharing the donation link with others, is very good too.  Do what you can.

Cheers everyone ~

Let's continue to keep this rolling.  The new 

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4 hours ago, Franky26 said:

Hey Mike. Do you know if FHC started there genia pigs  study yet ? 

Thank you

The last time Mike spoke about this he said they were planning to start guinea pig studies in September. Hopefully they did. But even if they didn't, it would likely start in the next month or two. They said it's going to take at least a few years to complete.

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On 10/21/2020 at 7:49 AM, Franky26 said:

Hey Mike. Do you know if FHC started there genia pigs  study yet ? 

Thank you

The plan was to start in September/October, but it depended on the COVID situation, which is currently not very good.

So we'll have to see.  Starting something then having it interrupted because of lockdowns etc. could be more disastrous than not starting it at all, so we have to sit tight and be patient and see how they play it.  I think this is a temporary situation (of course it's possible that COVID will be with us always, but better treatments and vaccines to control it and allow life to resume more or less as before seems likely to me).  So I think we just gotta sit tight.  

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The best way to look at this is instead of the cure coming in 2030 for example, it comes in 2031. Do we really care if it's one more year if we know it's coming?

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The BioEnTech - Pfizer Covid vaccine had some pretty good interim phase 3 news yesterday, showing 90% effectiveness. 

That's a sign that things may come back to normal in the coming months.  But finalizing the phase 3 and getting the vaccine rolled out will still take some months. 

We just have to sit tight and wait for the next update.  I'm sure it will come sooner rather than later since we've been getting semi-regular updates several times a year.

Again, they went from the test tube, to damaging 2-4% latent HSV in mice, to damaging 20-30%, to removing 90% latent HSV in mice ganglia in like 3 years.  So we know they are not wasting time, unreasonably delaying their research or pursuing other priorities.  

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      Stress and lack of sleep are huge triggers
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      I just want to be able to stop thinking about it. It is ruining my overall health.  He ruined my life and has now ruined another woman too but she stayed with him. I wanted to warn her but she wouldn't have believed me.  But I'm sure she would now. I just want to move on with my life but I'm afraid I will spend the rest of my life alone. 
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      Hi, I just want to say I understand what you’re going through. My partner cheated though he still denies it! I used to get cold sores then when he has his first outbreak I got mine and he tried to blame me for giving it to him. I’m 38years old and come from a small town near Watford. I have 2 kids. I feel like when I get asked out or just a guy is remotely interested I just have the big H in the front of my head! I hate him for doing this to me. I get out breaks every month they are painful and in different places each month. I am going to start looking after myself and eating better, no alcohol and see if that helps.    But I do think of my friend, she has it and she met someone in London 11 years ago. She told him and he was fine with it. They have 2 kids now. She got it from a guy she knew had it and she decided to sleep with him. He told her. She knew the consequences.    You’re not alone 
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      I focus on trying to heal myself.  I don’t believe that this is permanent.  And I no longer date.  I don’t want the drama nor the stress.  I’ve found that my overall health has improved and I am much more knowledgeable regarding natural antivirals and immune system boosters.  Amino acids play a very large role.  Just breathe.  You’re gonna be ok.  The symptoms do fade away in time.  
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      Trying to move forward as a single woman with herpes is extremely hard. The stigma of it sucks. I hate going to any dr. Now because its plastered all over my chart. You get treated differently. I just want to dissapear.  I'm having a really hard time dealing with it even though I'm going to counseling. Anyone have any advice.  I was extremely sick and in severe pain from my first outbreak.  I wanted to die. I lost 20 lbs in the 3 weeks that I was so sick. I hate the man that did this to me he lied about his results from std testing then told me it was no big deal! I cant move forward.  The stigma of having hsv is terrible especially living in a small town!
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