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GHSV 1 transmission

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On 9/20/2020 at 6:30 PM, Shanshine said:

How can GHSV-1 be transmitted genital to genital? How rare is it? 

Obviously I'm not a Dr but I have read Dr H. Hunter Handsfields work and he suggests it is quite rare.  And most of the time,  one will have an initial outbreak and then never again.  Look him up on the Medhelp forums.  Very knowledgeable. 

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    • Shanshine
      By Shanshine
      This question has been eating me up for some weeks now, but I am wondering how can ghsv1 thrive in a part of the body it isn’t usually suppose to show up on? If HSV1 typically causes cold sores and the virus attacks a specific ganglia area, how can it survive else where? This makes me wonder are the types of HSV important since you can get in orally or genitally? 
    • Q2Josh
      By Q2Josh
      So basic every morning I wake up with a bunch of smegma on my tip it’s white. Like I’ll take a shower wash my meat and everything the next day it’s there. Also the side of my thighs have a white patch ashy it itchy sometimes but not big deal. Like shii annoying my doctor gave me balanitis cream but look like my glans still dry like wtf is going on mind you I’m a teen going through all them shii. I just want to be done w life🤦🏾‍♂️😡😔 
    • Rivergreen
      By Rivergreen
      I noticed a small tiny "scab" on my penis about 5 days ago, completely painfree, and messed with it abit, which underneath was reddish skin. I messed with it more and it looked a little "wet" with some very tiny fluid. It became just a little painful to the touch sometimes. However its very tiny. Ive been observing it daily and its probably not getting a chance to scab over coz of my constant touching it. I do notice the tiny amount of fluid everytime. Could this be HSV? I am unsure if i have it. About a month ago a small wet looking blister appeared on my left thigh (pic attached). At that time i thought it was just an insect bite. Was not painful but itchy, and left a small scar after healing. Im just wondering if these could be symptoms of HSV.  Could i be having recurring symptoms without knowing? 
    • JeffBridges
      By JeffBridges
      I’ve made some posts earlier this month on my presumptive status.
      I was tested 12 days since the initial exposure. The test results are back...
      HSV 1/2 IgG Aby-HSV1 IgG, Type Spec <0.91 (0.00-0.90 index)
      HSV 1/2 IgG Aby-HSV2 IgG, Type Spec  = 1.27 (0.00-0.90 index)
      HSV 2 IgG Supplemental Test-HSV-2, IgG Supplemental Test = Negative
      All other stds came back negative. On the 10th day, white stinging cloudy discharge came out of the tip of my penis. 
      It still hurts to urinate, but not as intensely. What looks like “contact dermatitis” on the head of my penis but the bumps are sparsely patched and not filled with pus. On the day of my test, I was given 2 acyclovir and I felt like the symptoms went away for a few days.
      No visible lesions and the culture came back negative.
      But still, I was told to get retested 30 days from initial exposure (so July 18th). 
      I will get retested, but from the description provided above, what are the odds that the First test results are accurate and that I do have HSV2?
    • JeffBridges
      By JeffBridges
      After getting tested for hsv2, my results were “indeterminate” and I was negative for all other diseases. I had protected sex ~20 days ago. Just a few days ago, these bumps appeared on my chin and over the course of 2 days have disappeared. Are these herpes?
      thank you in advance

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    • madman
      Before I explain my case, I would like to apologize for my English. English is not my mother language. I am a 30 year old man. Since June 26, 2020 I have developed discomfort in my penis, specifically in the glans. I didn't get any sores, I didn't have any discharge and no scars. But I have had banalitis and some redness. I told you my story (It's pretty long): - On June 20 (one week before the symptoms) I had protected sex (I used a condom) with a friend. We had coital sex and I gave her oral sex. I didn't see any external physical problems on her. - On June 26 in the evening, I started to have a burning sensation when I urinate. I didn't pay much attention to it because I thought it was because I hadn't drunk much water during that day. - The mild-burning continued for a week. From this point on I started to think that I had a bacterial infection or some allergic reaction. That's why I decided to have some general tests (hemogram, urine test, cholesterol, etc.) before going with the doctor (that's what they always ask for). - On July 8 I visited the general practitioner. He performed a complete physical examination. He examined my penis and he told me that he didn't see anything abnormal. He also examined the tests and didn't notice anything unusual. All he saw was that I have high cholesterol and Eosinophil was a little high too. Regarding cholesterol, it's a hereditary thing, because I'm thin, I play sports, and I eat well. Regarding Eosinophil, I suffer from pollen allergy. The only thing he concludes is that I have a possible urinary tract infection and he ordered me a single dose injectable antibiotic (Fosfomycin). He told me that he doesn't think I'm allergic to latex condom because I've always used a condom in my life. - I took the shot. But the discomfort continued. - On the night of July 15, a terrible burning starts on the outer left side of my glans and it was a little bit red. That night I couldn't sleep because of the pain. So I decide to go on July 16 to see another general practitioner. The doctor examined me physically and saw nothing unusual. She performed a blood test again, but finds nothing strange. That's why she ordered to realize a urine culture. I got the urine culture but no bacteria came out. - On July 17 I decided to visit a Urologist. He examined me physically (again). And he told me that I didn't have anything unusual on my penis, just a little red. That's why he decides to perform the prostate exam. When he is examining me, I can say that it hurt a little, but I don't know if it was because of the pain that I already had in my penis or if it was the prostate. The thing is that he told me that I have a prostatitis and that can be cured with a series of antibiotics. He prescribed me 3 injections (3 days), plus 7 days of antibiotic pills. He also told me that the discomfort could take 1 or 2 months. - The first day I started the antibiotic treatment was horrible. Here is when I started to feel really bad. I began to feel weak and unwilling to do anything. But I thought that was normal because of antibiotic, so I continued with the treatment. Halfway through the treatment I didn't feel any improvement. I called the urologist, to explain how I have been feeling, but he told me that I had to finish my treatment. - This is when I start to worry. That's why I contact the girl I slept with to explain my concern. She told me that she could gladly support me, but she didn't suffer from any illness, that in her life she had only slept with one man (her ex-husband). And I'm the Second one. Then she suggested to me to see another urologist.  - On July 27 I visited a second urologist with the girl. He performed (again) a physical exam and a sonogram. He didn't find anything strange. He only saw that my penis was a little red. He told me that it can't be prostatitis because I'm so young and there is nothing unusual about the tests. He believed that during sex, I probably hurt my penis. And he only gave me some pills to calm the pain. He also says that just in case we take a pill of azithromycin (antibiotic). And that's all... - Obviously I didn't experience any improvement. So I call him to explain, and he prescribes me a hydrating cream (this was useless and worst, the burning feeling didn't go away). - At this point my desperation increased and I decided to start looking on the internet. This is when I meet Mr. VHS. This is why I decide to go to a laboratory and take the igm and igg tests for both HVS-1 and HVS-2. - After 3 days the I get the test results: igM HVS-1 negative, igG HVS-1 positive, igM HVS-2 negative, igG HVS-2 negative. I send these results to the urologist and he tells me that these tests do not mean anything. He told me that I have no lesions and that virus is present in almost everyone, that this is not the cause of my pain. - Here I begin to fall into depression. The pain didn't decrease and that burning sensation was always there. - August 6 I saw a family general practitioner, he told me the same thing as the previous doctor. That herpes is not the cause, that I don't have any lesions. - August 14 I decide to visit another urologist (a third one). It told me that the cause "could be" the HVS-1 virus. But that physically he didn't see anything. He explained me that the sores can be very small and not seen with the naked eye. He prescribes me valacyclovir for 7 days. The first three days I didn't feel any improvement. On the 4th day the symptoms decreased a little, but they did not disappear completely and at the end of the treatment the symptoms continued. - August 18 I visited a dermatologist because I'm starting to get a rash on my cheeks. I explain my situation and she also examines my penis. Regarding my cheeks, she says it's dermatitis. And that she doesn't see any herpes lesions on my penis. She says that I don't have herpes on my genitals, and recommends a moisturizing ointment (which hasn't helped at all). - I contact the doctor again at the end of the treatment. I tell him that the symptoms have gone down a bit but that I still feel a burning sensation. He prescribes painkillers, but does not prescribe any more antivirals. He just tells me that if I continue to be in this condition, I should get circumcised (because I am not). - There is a maximum of 1 or 2 days that the pain decreases. But it come back again. - August 21 I visit a last urologist (a very expensive one), he practice me a physical exam. He does not find any lesions. I have my prostate examined again. And he thinks it's prostatitis. With regard to the HSV-1 test, he told me that almost the entire population has it, and that it's usually found in the mouth. He gives me a treatment of antibiotics for 20 days. But I still have the discomfort. I don't really know what to do. I don't know what I have in my intimate parts. I am very tired. On one side the igG test says that I have the virus, but I've never had cold sores or something in my lips or around my mouth. And I don't have any lesions in my genitals. I've already been treated with antibiotics and antivirals. What do you think about this? Do you have any suggestions?
    • Runner278
      Just wanted to provide a quick update. I had my EMG and MRI that did not provide any insights for my nerve pain. I have increased my gabapentin to 1200mg a day. That seems to be helping. I have a follow up appointment with my PCP in a month. I’ll update this as thread as I have more info. 
    • Cas9
      The last time Mike spoke about this he said they were planning to start guinea pig studies in September. Hopefully they did. But even if they didn't, it would likely start in the next month or two. They said it's going to take at least a few years to complete.
    • Franky26
      Hey Mike. Do you know if FHC started there genia pigs  study yet ?  Thank you
    • hk81
      I agree with Franky26. It's the first time that gene editing is done in humans for a virus. Sterilizing or not, the results will show to the world the effects from it and its safety and it will possibly motivate other researchers to follow the same approach
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