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My sons doctor does not seem concerned..

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I have GHSV2 and I had him vaginally 5 months ago. He did not contract it at that time. 

On Halloween I noticed a sore on his finger by his nail and I assumed it was because he was sucking his fingers..

Now, 2 weeks later he has a single sore on his lip. It looks like a typical pustule type pimple and its swollen. It's almost completely healed after 4 days. It doesnt seem to bother him and he has no fever. 

I took him to the doctor and there was a student doctor who used him to "practice" or whatever and she asked me if anyone in the home has a history of hsv and I said yes. She then said she believes its herpes. 

When his actual doctor saw him after, she said it's not likely it's my GHSV2 and that shes not worried about it. She said it's a canker.. and caused by a virus and that he could have gotten it any where. She said it could be hand foot and mouth.. 

But I need you guys to tell me your thoughts. I'm still not entirely convinced. I woke up this morning with a blister on my finger where he typically chews on my hand. Im wondering if he contracted type 1 some where.. I have not had a breakout since my first which was almost 2 years ago. 

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Hey @Angie040417I share your fears regarding your newborn. It is important to be vigilant and rest assured the chances of bub being ok is extremely high.

I don't think a bacterial infection can be ruled out here, but it may be viral related as well.

Either way, it is not at all likely to be HSV 1/2. That's not what herpes does as a primary infection - there'd be multiple blistery sores and not a nicely single defined sore like the pics reveal.

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    • iFdUp
      Because COVID 19 has a false sense of urgency compared to literally everything else. It's complete bullshit. 
    • Dawid
      Will the drug company really speed up the research on the hsv2 treatment. So how do I do it for covid-19 ??? Sanofi to run away with his therapeutic vaccine, Aicuris With Pritelivir ??? Are there not among us who can try something on this topic ??? I personally tried. Sanofi doesn't write back. Aicuris says that Pritelivir is still in development. No information results ..
    • madman
      Hey!! Excellent suggestion. I don't have a prescription for antivirals. But I think acyclovir ointments can be sold without a prescription. I will try it and I'll let you know the results.
    • Samantha1234
      Thank you, appreciate your response. First, he knows which kind he has, he’s a doctor. He is very well versed about the disease, & admits he was wrong to not tell me, says he was scared, etc. at this point, it’s not even about the herpes, it’s about the betrayal I feel. We have shared so much, & felt such a deep bond. 2 days ago, I would have told you it would never in a million years have been possible for him to hide something like this from me.  I have never seen him be manipulative, & he lives with more integrity than most people I’ve known. So I am just confused, & sad, & angry.
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @madman I can only suggest that your second doctor appears closer to the mark. The first doctor was unsure. HSV-1 is not at all known to cause these symptoms genitally for a period of time.  You may not have much to lose by taking antivirals - placebo or effective against what you've got, you have little to lose it would seem. If they do nothing, then at least you will have eliminated herpes from your thinking!
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