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Herpes Cure in 2020

Elephant in the room?

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Elephant in the room?

I'd like to wish everyone at the Honeycomb Forum a happy Christmas and New Year. This year certainly ended with a whimper over the big bang I was hoping for.  I am still trying to hold faith, despite a devastating shut down, and the highest irony of events. Considering the shut down and the possible science that was held and it’s implications for those HSV infected I hope the forum will let this post stand in the public interest and those in disagreement show respectful distance. 

"Never did it for the money, only passion
Niggas laughed at my fashion
Been a innovator, so I passed 'em
All them people haters and they past dumb
Stars war when you're George Lucas
Laserbeam when I storm troopers
People fear what they don't understand
But then they get mad because they don't dare to do it
Everybody a shinin' star,

they ain't get far so they can't prove it
Most stars foolish, full of gas, useless
Pushin' bad influence, wonder what happened to 'em?
They say hurt people hurt people, guess that is proven
They put on a mask to mask feelings
Fill the universe with mass ceilings
Most people not even tappin' in
All-stars just gotta grab it within
That's what's happenin'
God bless you like a napkin
A vessel just rapped to him
Gonna get you massive wins
Only thing ever different between me and you
I dream, imagine them
Manifestation's not magic
It's the patience when you work and add the wins

I'm fine
Feelin' blue, nothin' new
All is dark, but I still shine
(Still shine)
But my mind's
In a mood 'cause the Moon
Calls me out in the night time
(Still shine)"


Artist: Machinedrum
Song: Star
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGYgVg3NVKSfWpg1N3DrGbA
Website: https://machinedrum.net/

Truth in immunity movement provided free of charge community in a censored HSV space. We are devastated by the shut down. We continue to provided free of charge support for those completing treatment in absence of other service.

If we have helped you we ask you to pay forward. One can easily use incognito to see these links are legit.

IF TRUTH IN IMMUNITY MOVEMENT has helped you pls donate. To help make a better world donate to:
Naturopaths without borders:
Rodale Institute:
Bionutrient Food Association:
Clean water for 3 rd world:
Uganda dirt floors:
Research for nutrition and mental health Food and Mood Centre:

Furthermore we are adding Linux and GIMP as a donation site we like. There is nothing wrong with capitalism if humans CHOOSE different. We have choice to support a system from grass roots or not. I use GIMP for all my collages. I support grassroots democratic sharing. I support the sustainable open source community. I support the share economy. Without Linux I would have had no internet access for years  


Image: collage of appropriated imagery by Sunshineundaground/ Elephant in the Room or otherwise known as Just a Human Being. Some original source material and additions produced in GIMP.  



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    • Elephant in the room?
      By Elephant in the room?
      I welcome any basic critiques to improve this summary of B cells and their role in the immune system producing neutralising antibodies. It is poorly synthesised, heavily quoted (without quotation marks) and I do not have a science background or much academic training in this regard  (most of my training is in the fine arts) so it may leave something to be desired – or a lot. 

      Antibody, also called immunoglobulin, is a protective protein produced by the immune system in response to the presence of a foreign substance, called an antigen.Antibodies are produced by specialised white blood cells called B lymphocytes (or B cells). They are one of two types of lymphocytes. B cells are involved in so-called humoral immunity.

      When activated by an antigen, a circulating B cell multiplies to form a clone of plasma cells, each secreting identical immunoglobulin molecules. It is such immunoglobulins—derived from the descendants of a single B cell—that are called monoclonal antibodies. Millions of these antibodies enter into the bloodstream and lymphatic system. 

      The neutralising antibodies bind specifically to surface structures (antigen) on an infectious particle, these neutralising antibodies prevent the particle from interacting with its host cells it might infect and destroy. A neutralising antibody defends a cell from a pathogen or infectious particle by neutralising any effect it has biologically. Neutralisation renders the particle no longer infectious or pathogenic. 

    • Elephant in the room?
      By Elephant in the room?
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    • Thomas92
      I’m not to this forum page and am looking whatever I can do to help with my reoccurring outbreaks. Ive never heard of SADBE. Any articles, videos, instructions for diluting, really anything you are willing to send to give me some insight would be awesome. 
    • Laguna
      Thanks for this. If it's true that the mRNA concept will be applied to other viruses, I wonder when they will be able to focus efforts in that direction and how long the process will be? Will things get fast tracked now or back to a snails pace? 
    • Ifeelempty
      @WilsoInAusmy results came back negative but it was only 7 days after sex. IGg, IGM and swab. All negative. She said all hers came back negative too but I don’t trust her word. I’m still worried. Should I get another test since it’s been 14 days since? 
    • floydmonk
      I have been considering this as well. In theory mRNA can cure anything. My understanding is the mRNA is like a "temporary gene editor", and it can give instructions to your cells to do practically anything, and then it is supposed to wear off. This could be done to produce an immune response to create a vaccine, or as a therapeutic. I have heard they can cure cancer with mRNA. I believe Moderna had been working on some Herpes biologic using mRNA before they became famous due to Coronavirus. I had heard of Moderna in my HSV research two years before coronavirus became a thing. Here's some links I was able to pull up: An HSV-2 nucleoside-modified mRNA genital herpes vaccine containing glycoproteins gC, gD, and gE protects mice against HSV-1 genital lesions and latent infection Moderna mRNA-1647 vaccine continues to increase durable immune responses after third dose exceeding natural cytomegalovirus infection levels What is mRNA? How Pfizer and Moderna tapped new tech to make coronavirus vaccines  
    • Kurdt01
      Saw my Dermatologist today and sent her the links for it. Gonna try to get it. The Valtrex never helped much but doesn't seem to be helping at all lately.
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