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Still Being Evaluated

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I have never had symptoms but just found out I may have HSV 1, possibly also 2?

My life partner is also being evaluated.

Unfortunately, the blood tests came back with a range, and though it seems to indicate HSV 1, my partner's seems to indicate 1 & 2.

Needless to say, we're both very distraught. I get the blame because I engaged in unprotected sex with another female, (the 1st in more than 5 years, other than my partner), so there's that.

There are other factors but testing prior to this event seems to indicate the same result with lower a lower number.

Freaking out a little here and open to any thoughts!


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Hey there @ConcernedIndividual and welcome to the website.

With no symptoms, it is extremely unlikely that you were infected with HSV from the unprotected sex with another female.

Note that HSV-1 is mostly transmitted to children from parents or other family members. Hence if you have HSV-1, then the odds are well with you having acquired this during childhood. This applies to your partner too.

Testing can be a minefield without a doctor who knows correct interpretations. There are a few different tests including IgG and IgM sometimes they are type specific and sometimes joint. If you have full details of the test results, please let us know those here and we can help with interpretation and best next steps.

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Thank you. So, my IgG test, (Through Any Lab Test Now), currently shows 13.62 for HSV1 and 0.70 for HSV2 whereas same tests, same company, showed 5.18 for HSV1 and 0.69 for HSV2, back in July. I didn't see any "Positive" indicated on the lab print out at the time and assumed I was negative or it would have been indicated otherwise. Needless to say, I've done allot more research since then, and am very concerned/ celibate moving forward. Any thoughts? Thank you again for caring enough to reply!





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    • Tee083000
      I’m in the same boat. Mine was 1.18 and idk what to do either. I feel your pain right now
    • Thomas92
      I’m not to this forum page and am looking whatever I can do to help with my reoccurring outbreaks. Ive never heard of SADBE. Any articles, videos, instructions for diluting, really anything you are willing to send to give me some insight would be awesome. 
    • Laguna
      Thanks for this. If it's true that the mRNA concept will be applied to other viruses, I wonder when they will be able to focus efforts in that direction and how long the process will be? Will things get fast tracked now or back to a snails pace? 
    • Ifeelempty
      @WilsoInAusmy results came back negative but it was only 7 days after sex. IGg, IGM and swab. All negative. She said all hers came back negative too but I don’t trust her word. I’m still worried. Should I get another test since it’s been 14 days since? 
    • floydmonk
      I have been considering this as well. In theory mRNA can cure anything. My understanding is the mRNA is like a "temporary gene editor", and it can give instructions to your cells to do practically anything, and then it is supposed to wear off. This could be done to produce an immune response to create a vaccine, or as a therapeutic. I have heard they can cure cancer with mRNA. I believe Moderna had been working on some Herpes biologic using mRNA before they became famous due to Coronavirus. I had heard of Moderna in my HSV research two years before coronavirus became a thing. Here's some links I was able to pull up: An HSV-2 nucleoside-modified mRNA genital herpes vaccine containing glycoproteins gC, gD, and gE protects mice against HSV-1 genital lesions and latent infection Moderna mRNA-1647 vaccine continues to increase durable immune responses after third dose exceeding natural cytomegalovirus infection levels What is mRNA? How Pfizer and Moderna tapped new tech to make coronavirus vaccines  
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