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Dr. Friedman's Vaccine Research Fund

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The official donation page has launched for Dr. Friedman's the **Herpes Simplex Virus Research Fund.**We are still awaiting the video from Dr. Friedman answering our questions and providing an overview of his timeline and plans, but we now have a page where we can post updates and track donations for this cause! It is expected this video will be comepleted by the end of January/ early February.


A goal of $50,000 has been proposed as this would allow Dr. Friedman to hire an additional person to work solely on his vaccine studies. This is huge and very attainable for our group!

Dr. Friedman has developed a prophylactic vaccine which has shown success in preventing HSV in both mice and guinea pigs. His approach uses an mRNA vaccine with specific messenger RNA (mRNA), which can create proteins necessary for a strong immune response. This vaccine stimulates three types of antibodies: one that blocks the herpes virus from entering cells, and two others that ensure the virus doesn't "turn off" innate immune system protective functions. This approach differs from other herpes vaccines, which often only rely on blocking virus's entry as the mode to attack the virus.

The purpose of our partnership with Dr. Friedman is to support his work to explore the therapeutic effects of this mRNA vaccine for those who already have HSV. We have seen the success of mRNA vaccines recently with COVID, so this is a very exciting opportunity for our community!

Please consider donating even a few dollars if you can spare it! I know times are tough, but we have the ability to take action and contribute to improve our lives and the lives of children's generation. No one should have to feel the less than because of a virus.

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    • Laguna
      Oh no! Getting it from China it comes at 97-98% pure Squaric acid, and diluting it to 2% is the route some of us are taking if it's the only way to get it. It is definitely done at your own risk and with your own research. If you are able to get it from a pharmacy after getting a prescription from a physician then it will come mixed correctly. But every doctor I tried hadn't even heard of Squaric acid or just known of it as a last resort treatment for warts. 
    • Muscha
      If you take it multiple times you can expect the results to vary but Im not sure how wildly it might fluctuate.  If you had taken the test without a breakout, anything under 3.5 could possibly be a false positive.  Since you had a "nice breakout" after a sexual encounter and tested 2.82, I would assume it is not a false positive.  It sounds like your body is responding well with no additional breakouts.  As a consideration, a Western Blot test would be an additional test (very precise) if you are looking for clarity.
    • dont quit!17
      So it doesn't come mixed at the right percentage?
    • dont quit!17
      Is SADBE still effective for you? Thats interesting you went the naturopathic route. It sounds like they are might be more open to ordering meds off label. 
    • John2020
      Bumps appeared 3 days after sex  
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