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Not sure what I have....

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Great forum here and has a ton of info.  Thanks for everyone for sharing their stories and info.

Long story short - I'm a married man of 15 years - monogamous.  Wife is too.  I went on a vacation last week, drank too much and ended up at a strip club with friends.  Poor decisions were made and I accepted oral sex from a stripper.  Also gave oral sex.  Session didn't last long - maybe 15 seconds tops.  No orgasms by either person, just a quick interlude that didn't last long.  I shouldn't have done it and fully understand that.  The whole thing was fueled by alcohol and boy do I regret it now.

Now I'm almost convinced that I contracted genital herpes from the stripper.  Almost 4 days after the encounter I noticed an odd white headed sore/zit near my groin.  I never get zits/pimples/sores there.  It's a solo sore and I have no other sores/clusters anywhere etc.  The only other odd thing is that I've had some discomfort in my penis, but nothing major.  No sores or lesions there and the pain seems to be subsiding there.  Today is day 7 since the encounter.  The sore that popped up 3 days ago hasn't gotten any worse and if anything has probably gotten smaller.  Not alot of pain with it.  I'm attaching some pics - sorry for the poor quality - any ideas?  

I've told my wife roughly what happened and she of course is hoping for the best.  I ordered an online STD test so I can check for everything.  Just looking for some additional direction on what you guys might think it is.  Any info. is greatly appreicated!




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Hey @Curious12311 and welcome to the website. There is great info and help to be found here.

Let's stick to the facts and logic first. The reality is that what you describe is of extremely low risk of transmission of anything. Let's focus on herpes for a moment though.

But first an important question. Do you have oral cold sores? If so you already have HSV-1 and its game over as you can not feasibly be infected again and HSV-1 is the only pragmatic risk with receiving oral sex.

Not that your exposure really had very much risk associated with it, mere seconds is unlikely to infect. The clincher however is lack of lesions appearing at the site where her lips touched you. Where there is a primary outbreak, it always includes the point where the virus enters the body - it cannot solely appear elsewhere.

Lastly your pic is not of a herpes lesion at all. The soreness in your penis is related to genital focused anxiety, basically you are clenching your muscles in the area that causes burning and similar feelings.

You are absolutely doing the right thing in talking to your wife about this, make peace and serve penance.

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Hi WilsolnAus,

Checking back in - thank you so much for your reply and helping me through a very stressful time.  It has been a little over a month since the potential exposure.  So far, so good - still no new symptoms so I'm thankful.  

You're doing a great thing with this forum and I'm sure it has not only helped me but so many others.  Great job and thank you again! 

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Hey @Curious12311 and thank you for coming back to share. It is very stressful. Myself and many others on here have been exactly where you are. The tension with your partner, trying to do things right, the guilt, the feeling like an idiot... it is all natural.

Keep focusing on your relationship. Obviously you know that a quickie with a stripper is not worth anything compared to what you have at home. That's true also for an intimate encounter with that frustrated blonde who works in accounts! View it like a hurricane has gone through your relationship and you have to rebuild it all. It may not be the same but it is worth rebuilding nevertheless.

The genital issues will become a whisper and fade to nothingness with a little more time.

Best of luck mate.

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    • Lucy29
      @CHT I am not sure what country you are in but I am in the U.K. and they don’t do blood tests for HSV at the standard sexual health clinics maybe at private ones where you have pay they do.   What would checking my anti bodies confirm ? And she didn’t swab the area as she said there was nothing to swab and no lesions but I am sure there was. She seemed quite inexperienced.  I have had an lesion swabbed years  ago  to confirm HSV2 but no swabs  since.  I would like  to know if they are HSV or my excema as I never know which is which so I just don’t have sex when I get these feelings as I don’t know if I’m having a Outbreak.  I will have a look at the link thanks. I wouldn’t want to go on the implant again as I don’t want 3 years of birth  control in my arm. I may consider the mini pill which is the same hormone as the implant as I can easily stop this it I have a bad reaction. I have an appointment with a specialist at the sexual health clinic next week 
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @PlainJane what a thoroughly nasty piece of work! Im afraid it is the waiting game for you, having said that, there seems very little reason for you to suspect herpes.
    • PlainJane
      @WilsoInAus Thank you so much for the reply! You did before I even asked lol. I really didn’t want to talk to her about it. The last time we had spoken she was really mean and nasty to me. Threatening to beat me up because she was drunk. I don’t want her going around telling people I asked her if she has herpes because I have it. Which she absolutely will. Or she does and then I will be her scape goat for her to tell people I’m the one who gave it to her. I guess it’ll be a waiting game to get blood work to confirm or deny the presence of HSV2 antibodies. 
    • WilsoInAus
      Hello @PlainJane I think I recall your partner's post and would suggest that what he had as revealed in the photos was almost certainly not herpes - and reaffirmed above! The first thing to note is that you cannot be infected with HSV-1 and then test at a level 43.5 a total of 9 days after the incident. That's not how your body works. It would takes several weeks and possibly months to reach that level. Undoubtedly the HSV-1 infection is old and highly likely an oral infection from your childhood. The next thing to note is that toys or any object are not a great way of transferring herpes. Typically the rubbing of the skin area that is shedding the virus against the recipient's skin is needed. Transfer any other way is somewhere between infeasible to impossible. Your pictures do not look like herpes to me in favour of folliculitis - your partner's thigh shots are almost certainly folliculitis. Also note that this female friend must have HSV-2 for this to even warrant the vaguest notion of herpes being a cause. Can you ask her? If she does have HSV-2, then you will need a 12-16 week IgG test in order to have a conclusive answer (with a strong expectation of negative).
    • PlainJane
      @WilsoInAus Could you review this? You replied previously on my boyfriends post of his butt rash. I guess all I can really do is find a facility who will swab when I have a suspecting bump, since my doctor won’t for some reason and then redo the blood test for HSV2 since it’s now been 4 weeks since possible exposure. 
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