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Could this be herpes (GHSV1)

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Hi so I have had cold sores before so I know I am a carrier of the HSV1 virus but I have only ever hand a couple outbreaks in my oral region. Recently I have been really stressed about having genital hsv1 due to more and more people in my community having it. I know having oral hsv1 can build immunity to genital hsv1 but I am unsure how long I have had hsv1 orally or if I had acquired the virus on both regions of my body at the same time. A couple days ago I noticed a painless bump on the left hand side of my public region. After shaving I had cut the bump and it seemed to get somewhat infected an hurt a lot. I noticed hairs sticking out of the bump so i decided to pluck them hoping it was only an ingrown hair. While I was inspecting the region I also had notice a small white raised bump on the other side of my pelvis as well. It also seemed like it could have been an ingrown hair so I plucked any and all hair surrounding the bump. The tiny red dots within the bumps are where I had plucked the hairs. They don't hurt unless i clean or pick them but I am nervous and would love any input. If the bumps get worse I will go to the doctor i'm just looking for some help super nervous.


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