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Addressing HSV2+ Blood test @57 years young

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Thanks to anyone that reads this.


Around 20 years ago I thought I may have HSV 2.

One Dr thought it was HSV2 & the other thought it was HPV.

I truly do not remember blisters or typical breakout at the time, just concern of rash at base of penis & mild symptoms. I was more concerned with HIV status.
IDT there was even a blood test in 1999 for HSV, I could be wrong, but I did start VALTREX & remained on it  4 a year only and decided to stop.

After choosing celibacy in 2006, & 7-years of annual HIV testing & what I thought was complete STD screening after initial herpes concerns,   I stopped all STD testing because all tests were negative & I was celibate & have been.

I truly didn’t know a standard STD testing that encompasses all STD’s needed to be asked for to cover then all & so recently I did so & it’s completed and has results.

I did blood work and am what’s called “detected” for HSV2 & negative for all else.

I have been under a ton of stress lately, working with public directly in covid pandemic & I started having typical HSV2 symptoms that alerted me.

Tingling in groin & entire penis area, lymph node tenderness, headache, tired, questionable urine flow(starting & intermittent).


I developed a rash on shaft of my penis just to the right & below head of penis  & went to my primary hospital of insurance hmo satellite office & met with female nurse practioner. 
I, now regret her NOT opting to do a swab test on lesion.
She immediately said it was a strange appearing lesion to be HSV2 & thought for sure it was yeast/ringworm & supplied ointment & did all blood work.


As stated only HSV2 detected On test results.

 I completed a week of acyclovir, & the lesion has not cleared up, only slightly. 
 It’s flaked & peeled only b/c I stopped applying fungal ointment on day 5 of acyclovir. It’s flat, dry, painless, no cracking, or pain or blood or pus.

The lesion is slowly shrinking, but my penile skin seems very dry to me overall.

I have no clue what this lesion is. It looks like ringworm, but if it is, the ointment isn’t working & its rx grade ointment. 

It is approaching a month since I noticed it on my penis

im trying to be chill about all of this as I’m not sexually active and will not be, but have concerns of it being an HSV / lesion & accidentally spreading it to my fingers, eyes, lips etc via touch

I am not sure if I should start daily acyclovir treatment, but I did order it via Nurx & it’ll arrive today. I have no clue if I should roll the dice & start treatment to avoid spreading via touch & if that outweighs the stress of valtrex  on my 58-year old body. I take 8 other meds for BP, anxiety, & Uric  acid & with full time in a high stress physical job, so I wanna stay as healthy as possible.

im perplexed if I should start this regimen this late in life or not. 

I do prolly need a scrape test, but either way, I now know I’m HSV2 + unless the bloodwork is wrong & im no expert on false positives via std bloodwork.


if anyone out there has any input or advice I’d greatly appreciate it. I’ll enclose some pictures.

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Posted (edited)




I was able to resize pictures and this represents random pictures of lesion over the past month since I discovered  it.

I have very dry penis skin & I am type 2 per-diabetic & noticing overall dry skin. I also have had similar lesions on inner arm of thinner skin that look similar but go away faster & dermatologist has said they are age related and harmless.


I also live in tropical climate and have had in past bouts of bad jock itch in summer.


I just got delivery of generic valtrex & am mot sure if I should start daily treatment of 1 gram/day or not. Only considering that because of fear of eye or finger/ lip spreading from touching although I’m very careful.


very confused in what to do, so I rescheduled visit with dr to do a scrape of lesion to find out what to do.



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Posted (edited)

the first & 3rd picture represent lesion in its current state, the pictures of more shine/redness represent use of ketaconazole ointment for fungal suspicion, otherwise lesion is dry, in fold of penis skin & painless, bloodless, no pimple like appearance, or  bumps! Just a flat and once flaky splotch that when skin unfolds comes together as a roundish splotch.


I am sorry about the size, & now lack of quality in pictures.

I used an app to reduce their size & am really bad at using technology.

I am mostly perplexed about the use or lack of need to use valtrex & the appearance single  lesion and any input knowledgeable users may have of its appearance.

Thanks again for any input.

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Extra pictures & info.
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Can anyone see my post? This site is new to me. Would appreciate any input on picture thoughts & if I should continue valtrex treatment. Thank yiu

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Hey @GotGo hope you are going well. Let's jump into a few of your issues.

Is that a herpes lesion? Very hard for anyone to tell from static pictures. It is however suspicious in my view and it being a herpes lesion appears to be at least the list possibilities. Only a swab will provide absolute clarity though. A person with genital HSV is no more or less likely to experience the range of ailments that brings lesions and other symptoms. Having said that what you describe in terms of duration of this lesion thingy does reduce the chances of it being a herpes lesion. Your pictures could also be suggestive of lichen planus for example.

On you question on whether to continue valtrex, I cannot see any real harm in it, then again it is pretty much too late for it to have any real benefits for the current lesion if it is indeed herpes related (or originally herpes related before becoming something else through infection etc.). Once a lesion appears, the viral replication phase of the outbreak has pretty much done its worse. It does not appear that your outbreaks are that frequent. Hence I see no reason why you would take regular valtrex. High frequency outbreaks or partner protection are the typical situations where daily dosage of valtrex is beneficial.

Generally what you describe as symptoms of HSV-2 are not really that typical in a person with an established infection. What typically happens is that people have a stress or ailment such as a flu virus that weakens the immune system creating the environment for a herpes outbreak.

Finally on testing, you have been given 'convenient' explanations rather that the full truth. Focus Diagnostics is the manufacturer of Herpeselect. This is an ELISA based test that has values. Now you may have had an immunoblot test that does not have values. Given you have not had a diagnosis formally of HSV-2. I feel it is worthwhile seeking out the Herpeselect test for clarity. This is not to say that you are negative or positive - but you do have a positive test that you need to make sure is not a false positive.


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Thank you.

I am sorry about the pictures.

I am not tech savvy & they were all very good & clear, but too big of pictures I originally took on my iPhone & the website would not accept them because they were too big. I found an app to reduce them & that’s what I ended up with in quality.

I have now had two nurse practioners and a dr. To some degree of herpes knowledge also say they are non herpes in appearance & I only knew of test available to me for major std’s & all hepatitis, syphillis, trichamotosis, chlamydia, HIV,   etc when I went to hospital centra care to be tested.

I wish I knew how to supply larger photos. 
I am currently continuing valtrex

In 1/2021 I had general bloodwork come back from primary that showed my white blood cell count to have dropped and alerted my dr. He said it could have been anything to age, moderate to severe viral infection & we would check again this month as part of quarterly bloodwork.


I have also, at the start of covid been to dermatologist and had several skin biopsies, all of which  to be superficial sun damage skin cancer lesions thst were frozen off of face & arms, & that do need further and deeper freezing. I currently take care of my partner of 26 years who has cancer and I WORK FT & there’s plenty of stress in my life. I had several other spots on my inner arms that I forget terminology dermatologist said were harmless & from  use of nSaids which I discontinued. I currently have a high intake of RX & skin rash & sensitivity is ongoing as I approach my early 60’s.


if I couid find a better way to supply pics with my iPhone, I would. I have tons of them. Lesion is currently lightening & I can see why you’d suggest lichen plants, (no suspicion elsewhere ) , & scrape test. I’ll have to do research where to find herpesselect testing! .

Thanks again & any pointers on how/where to find correct testing so I know this Ig/viral load I may/may not have as herpes detection to HSV2 produced on testing I was given?

I have no other reason to believe I have HSV1, which I was surprised as common as it is I was negative for & positive for HSV2 actually. I cannot stress enough how much stress I am under & now of course my mind has produced non-stop HSV2 tingling & burning sensations. Not in area of penis  lesion, but in overall groin and penis head area.



thanks again!

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It just dawned on me I have had increased masturbation recently after a couple years of not. I use only dry hand & this is exact area I move thinner penis skin. Is it possible contact type dermatitis/friction?

I am experiencing that also on other parts of body ever since I took shingles vaccine in 2019. Nothing but skin issues ever since!

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    • Lucy29
      @CHT I am not sure what country you are in but I am in the U.K. and they don’t do blood tests for HSV at the standard sexual health clinics maybe at private ones where you have pay they do.   What would checking my anti bodies confirm ? And she didn’t swab the area as she said there was nothing to swab and no lesions but I am sure there was. She seemed quite inexperienced.  I have had an lesion swabbed years  ago  to confirm HSV2 but no swabs  since.  I would like  to know if they are HSV or my excema as I never know which is which so I just don’t have sex when I get these feelings as I don’t know if I’m having a Outbreak.  I will have a look at the link thanks. I wouldn’t want to go on the implant again as I don’t want 3 years of birth  control in my arm. I may consider the mini pill which is the same hormone as the implant as I can easily stop this it I have a bad reaction. I have an appointment with a specialist at the sexual health clinic next week 
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @PlainJane what a thoroughly nasty piece of work! Im afraid it is the waiting game for you, having said that, there seems very little reason for you to suspect herpes.
    • PlainJane
      @WilsoInAus Thank you so much for the reply! You did before I even asked lol. I really didn’t want to talk to her about it. The last time we had spoken she was really mean and nasty to me. Threatening to beat me up because she was drunk. I don’t want her going around telling people I asked her if she has herpes because I have it. Which she absolutely will. Or she does and then I will be her scape goat for her to tell people I’m the one who gave it to her. I guess it’ll be a waiting game to get blood work to confirm or deny the presence of HSV2 antibodies. 
    • WilsoInAus
      Hello @PlainJane I think I recall your partner's post and would suggest that what he had as revealed in the photos was almost certainly not herpes - and reaffirmed above! The first thing to note is that you cannot be infected with HSV-1 and then test at a level 43.5 a total of 9 days after the incident. That's not how your body works. It would takes several weeks and possibly months to reach that level. Undoubtedly the HSV-1 infection is old and highly likely an oral infection from your childhood. The next thing to note is that toys or any object are not a great way of transferring herpes. Typically the rubbing of the skin area that is shedding the virus against the recipient's skin is needed. Transfer any other way is somewhere between infeasible to impossible. Your pictures do not look like herpes to me in favour of folliculitis - your partner's thigh shots are almost certainly folliculitis. Also note that this female friend must have HSV-2 for this to even warrant the vaguest notion of herpes being a cause. Can you ask her? If she does have HSV-2, then you will need a 12-16 week IgG test in order to have a conclusive answer (with a strong expectation of negative).
    • PlainJane
      @WilsoInAus Could you review this? You replied previously on my boyfriends post of his butt rash. I guess all I can really do is find a facility who will swab when I have a suspecting bump, since my doctor won’t for some reason and then redo the blood test for HSV2 since it’s now been 4 weeks since possible exposure. 
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