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Please explain like I'm a 6 year old to how make 3% SADBE cream


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It's not really a cream at all, but a solution I guess. Get an insulin syringe with ML and do like 10ml of acetone to I think .3 ml, and that should be your 3% dilution. Put that in a brown amber bottle or whatever and apply a dime size amount to your arm covered in a tegaderm patch for 3 hours every 120 days....when you reapply make sure your acetone hasn't evaporated and you wind up using straight up SADBE like I did the second time haha...the super strong dose doesn't work very well at all, probably because instead of a boost its more of a burden to your immune system...thats my guess anyways...def stick with the dilutions...cheers.

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You can order it from china. Try Alibaba/google. It will be about $125 for a bottle. 

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Why you want a 3% solution when they suggest a 2% solution? 

I used a 2.5% solution and that was way too strong, meaning it left a mark on my skin. 

I'd suggest you to use a 2% and be very very very careful. Use the best instruments for measuring you can get, and also for keeping it for the next times. 

The first time it worked well for me, 4-5 months OB free. (I don't use antivirals and I do intense physical activity everyday, up to 4h per day) The second time, which was some weeks ago, right now I have a very subtle OB



I think SADBE works, but the protocol for use must be studied more and improved. Maybe Something that domages less the skin, maybe to apply 1 x month a 1% solution to keep the immune system "awake". Or anything, like testing it more, maybe different body parts, maybe combined with immune system modulators etc. 

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    • Borealis
      @Kata33 what do you mean by odd sensation when passing urine?  If I may ask where was location of your outbreak? 
    • Kata33
      @CHTJust a positive result, no numbers were mentioned, no suggestion of another test. Why would these be important? Sores all healed, feeling better each day, though I still have some residual soreness, odd sensations when passing urine etc, and I get tired/achy if I'm too active. But it's only been two weeks, so I guess that's to be expected? Thank you so much for all if your responses, it is so much appreciated!
    • CHT
      Hi Kata.... sorry for the not so good news....I believe you said it was a swab test, correct?  Did the results come with a number or just a "positive" for HSV2?  Did your doctor suggest taking an IgG antibody test at some point?   Are you doing okay?   
    • Naturalady8
      I wrote it for you, your wife and all viewers struggling with hsv. Since you don’t know much about hsv, and many believe it is mild. It is definitely not mild for many people, usually women suffer the worst. It’s good to learn from veterans who have researched this topic for years.
    • Kata33
      Results arrived this morning. HSV-2. Hey ho.
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