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Please help - unbearable pain


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Hi. Sorry for the very long post.
I'm still waiting for swab results for which strain of HSV, but fairly sure after hours of reading on here that it's most likely type 2.

I got tonsillitis 2 days after first contact of who I believe passed the virus on to me. Followed by 3 lots of thrush in 7 weeks. Within 48 hours of the last sexual activity with this man I developed what I thought was just the third case of thrush. Having suffered with reoccurring thrush and BV since a teen (now 30) I knew I'd need a high vaginal swab to confirm nothing else was going on.

I also suffer with endo so I have lot of experience with speculums, but this felt off. On removal of the speculum after swab I thought I was going to pass out from the pain. The nurse just hurried me out really. When I got home I noticed what looked like a small cut at the base of the vaginal opening. from then on the burning and tingling started to be come more noticeable than usual thrush pain. Canesten wasn't cutting it and I'm fairly sure irritated me more as well as the pessary I was advised to use that night.
Day 5 and its uncomfortable to walk. By night I had a slight feeling over fever chills but didn't think much of it and went to bed
Day 6 was like I had flu on top of not being able to walk without pain. I noticed 2 or 3 small dark dots on the inner lips too. I spoke to a pharmacist as i was away for the weekend and she told me it sounded as though it was herpes.
She sold me Emla cream to get me through to being able to go home and see my doctor.
That night my temp was around 39.
Day 7 I was in a lot of pain and exhausted. When I got home mid afternoon and phoned 111. When the nurse called me back later he told me i was welcome to go down for him to have a look but he didn't want to step on anyones toes professionally (bc I was under my GP for thrush) I could tell by his face it was bad, I knew it was bad from the pain, either way he prescribed me with coldsore cream and told me to call sexual health in the morning. At this point I had a handful of blisters that were mainly red with a small whitehead. Struggling with peeing altogether. Discharge is very heavy and strong smelling
Day 8 - sexual health can't even talk to me until Friday (day 12). Called GP and went in for an excruciating swab. So far I've had no one ask me if I had any questions. No real advice other than to not have sex until we had results and to take AV for 5 days see how you go. At this point I had around a dozen blisters some just developing others were quite large and very white with a red outline. Heavy discharge with blood.
Day 9 - every day I thought ok tomorrow I'll feel better. I have to. I couldn't possibly feel worse. WRONG. By far the worst day and night. My 4th night of a high temp which hit 40. Pain in my bum and shooting pains in my legs.
Day 10 - called gp again as the pain was unbearable. Prescribed with Zapain. High vaginal swab came back abnormal for candida told to purchase fluconazol over the counter. Not sure which tablet did it but I had to call my mum to come over as I could barely keep my head up I was so out of it. Taken codeine many times for one reason or another and never had a reaction. Although very little appetite at this point so not much in my stomach. It took the edge off the pain... even if I couldn't see properly!
Day 11 - blisters start bursting now. Not able to pee properly, when I do it doesn't hurt as I'm drinking so much water. Pain in bum legs and feet is constant.
Day 12 - still very sore. Discharge heavy and bleeding from sores. One in particular keeps reblistering. Spoke to sexual health who again hurried me off the phone and prescribed me with another 5 days of AV. When I collected them I begged someone to talk to me. She advised salt baths and would call In a few days.
Day 13 and 14 blisters seem to have healed but still have hypersensitivity as well as tingling and burning. Nerve pain still constant. Sexual health seemed unsure on what to advise about this. Told me it was unlikely to be related and to talk to GP.
Day 16 I spoke to SH again. Another 5 day course prescribed.
This pain has continued. I'm now on Day 19. Waiting for SH to call me back again as I've been awake since 1am with nerve pain and all over body itching. Nothing I do is touching it. I've gone from sleeping for 11 hours a night to 2 hours of broken sleep.
I dont know what else to do. I've processed what I'm certain will be diagnosed when I get my results. I understand its a common virus but I also understand that my symptoms seem to be quite extreme and not so common.
Please just any advice at all. Anything.

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Update. Confirmed HSV2

Sexual health doctor has informed me I have post herpetic neuralgia and there's nothing more they can do. I've been advised to stop AVs as no blisters and it may be causing itching, take antihistamine and painkillers. 

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15 hours ago, Alladvicewelcome said:

Update. Confirmed HSV2

Sexual health doctor has informed me I have post herpetic neuralgia and there's nothing more they can do. I've been advised to stop AVs as no blisters and it may be causing itching, take antihistamine and painkillers. 

Hello "AllAdviceWelcome".... so sorry for what you've had to endure. I certainly hope things are calming down by now... Many of us on this site have had similar initial outbreaks and I assure you the initial outbreak is typically the worst of any that may come later.  I'm sure you've done your homework now and know the basics for helping to prevent or at least reduce outbreaks.... avoid stress, eat well, avoid acidic foods, avoid excessive alcohol and caffeine, stay away from foods high in arginine (especially just about all varieties of nuts),  and try to get a good nights sleep every night. Many of us, myself included, also take daily supplements that help pump up the immune system (zinc, garlic, echinacea, krill oil, etc).... some believe taking Lysine supplements help (but, I've never seen it work on me and I too have HSV2).  

As for antiviral meds, I'm surprised your doctor recommended not taking them anymore.... I have found taking daily valacyclovir to be generally very helpful (more so than taking acyclovir).  Studies definitely demonstrate that valacyclovir can significantly reduce outbreaks, duration of outbreaks, and viral shedding.  The question for you will be how frequent your outbreaks may become (it's also possible you won't have more or they will be so mild as to be of little concern in terms of pain and mental stress).  As I'm sure you know, typically outbreaks will, with time, become less severe and less frequent.... you will then have to decide if it's worth taking any antivirals..... 

I hope this message helps just a little.... and that you are feeling better and staying outbreak free.....if you have any questions or just want more advice/opinions, just ask.... lots of us on this site have all sorts of recommendations in terms of what helps both in terms of helping reduce any future outbreaks or at least making them less severe and painful..... not to mention how to deal with the mental angst that comes with an HSV2 diagnosis..... be well, stay strong.

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@Alladvicewelcome many of us feel your pain. Trust me healing depends on immunity. If you look at my old post, you will find me in almost same situation. Since I took overdose of antibiotics (for other issues) for too long , i got more fucked up in this mess. unbearable and cont pain for certain years of life.

There no such thing as ETA for happiness (it';s in mind), but trust me after 2-4 years body adapts and control virus on its own besides you will have to be very disciplined in you approach esp sleep, food. Freedom which was literally free now comes with cost of food and sleep. But eventually after few months or years or some time you will be relived majorly.

Although my thought process is very much different from seemingly (I may be worng) narcisstic wilson, he has has relentlessy tried to increase awareness or you can say spirit of people in his own way. That also helps , the more bold you are the disease will be less aggressive, but this is lifelong discpline of food,exercise , sleep you have to follow atleast until cure or may be you/we are relieving last scene of morgan freeman in Shawshank redemption. They relieve him when he was actually ready/unexpected.

They are many thing's I have tried, certainly many things regional and easily affordable can also control this virus to certain extent, (I can vouch that natural/herbal may be ~ same effective as ACV,GCV etc. Medicine side effects are horrendous in long term) but  difficult is mind to control, easily distressed. Anti dote is Exercise which gives you sweat and good sleep is must.

Try warm water bag daily for 15-20 morning/evening and trust me I was in PHN for almost year (worst case was unable to just turn on my bed, or just bending down to lift pice of paper), phyiotherapy or yoga for as small as 20-30 minutes will bring rigour back in 1 year. 


P.S: dont stop research on your body and you condition,you may never know when you will hit good equilibrium with some unknown method.

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    • Ausguy44
      By Ausguy44
      Hi everyone
      I was diagnosed with ghsv-1 about 6 years ago and id like to share my exprience with you in the hopes that you may see the light at the end of the tunnel. 
      When i was given my diagnosis i had only recently moved to a new town, come out to my family and stsrted dating. I was basically at the happiest point in my life and boy did that take a quick turn. 
      I had every awful symptom under the sun the worst being intense nerve pain in my thighs and constant pins and needles in my hands and feet for almost 2 years. I was convinced my dating life was over and for the first time in my life developed severe anxiety. I was convinced i had some other life threatening disease that the doctors hadnt picked up went through a plethora of blood test, scans and dr appointnents. Even my Gp admitted my immune system was having a severe reaction to the virus. I had swollen lymph nodes in my chest, armpits and groin and had to sleep with an ice pack many nights. 
      However, my turning point was when i decided i needed to get back out there and start dating again. I was having few outbreaks and regularly taking antivirals it was mainly the pain stopping me. My dr eventually prescribed me pregabalin which stopped most of my pain and i started to feel like myself again. 
      I started dating... and i dreaded that conversation...telling someone else what i had. But obviously being the right thing to do i always told my partner before any physical activity. Over the following two years i dated about 5 people. Not one had a negative reaction to my honesty. Infact it was often the opposite.. and all of those relationships ended for reasons other than me having this virus. 
      I have now been in a relationship for almost 2 years with an amazing person and barely ever have those symptoms anymore. I keep valacyclovir and pregabalin handy just incase but its so rare i need them that i probably fill one prescription a year. 
      I used this forum daily for those first couple of years and never saw enough accounts from people once they got through that tough patch. I promised myself thst if i felt better one day id post ky experience. I know everybodys experience is different with the virus but i hope that this helps at least a couple of people see that you can and will one day feel ok, adjust to living with the virus and eventually feel normal again. 

    • Elleohelle
      By Elleohelle
      Would love any advice on if these symptoms seem like hsv  or if anyone else has had consistent negative testing yet present with intense symptoms. Doctors I have seen do not think it is hsv. But cannot give me any other explanation. 
      Had sex in 11/8 and symptoms started 11/15 and have wavered in intensity and changed yet been consistent through out the last 5 months.
      Initial symptoms: vaginal itching, thick white discharge, anal itching, two tears in labia. Doctor thought it could be yeast was treated and with no change to my symptoms. 
      Following symptoms: chills, body aches, smooth bumps that burned slightly on buttock, headaches, nerve pain in hands and feet as well as wrist. Constipation and numbness on clit. Watery/bubbly discharge even though no internal lesions were present. Also had grey discharge for one day.
      Next symptoms: burning sensation, tingling, cooling sensation in groin, back thighs, and buttocks. which has continued for the last 4 months with little relief. Also raw and irritated feeling in thighs and labia area. discharge goes from a sticky whiteish consistency to a thick white consistency. 
      Symptoms on mouth: tingling, burning, splitting, and tears on  one side of lip. These seems appear off and on occasionally. 
      The most intense symptoms of all is the nerve pain. It feels like I cant escape it. And it is the main symptoms that leads me to believe I have hsv. 
      I have had no noticeable lesions, blisters or coldsores. 
      Has been negative for yeast, BV, and other stds. 
      Tears were swab with a viral culture: negative. 
      IgG test at 2 weeks, 5 weeks, 12 weeks 18 weeks: negative. 
      I have had the western blot kit sent to me, just worried about finding a doctor that will agree to sign the paperwork. Planning to get the WB to give me answers. 
      Partner refused to get tested for HSV and claims he is clean which makes me even more suspicious. 
    • Jesusislove777
      By Jesusislove777
      I was diagnosed with hsv1&2 earlier this year. I was prescribed 1g of valtrex (valacyclovir) a day for suppressive therapy.  Valtrex helps greatly with my symtoms, but I recently had to leave my job for health reasons and will no longer have health insurance to get prescribed valtrex. 
      Does anyone know where I can purchase valtrex (valacyclovir) online without a prescription?
    • JeffBridges
      By JeffBridges
      hi all,

      So about 1 and a half weeks ago I had protected sex (was unsure about the integrity of the condom) and I wasn’t sure what her hsv status was. Over the course of a week I noticed it began to burn when I pee and my groin itched a lot (not sure if this is psychological, not so much anymore). 
      But now tiny patches of bumps like these have appeared on my penis head (only the head) and I’m not sure what they could be. Anyone have any thoughts?
      Thank you in advance!

    • HSV2sucks
      By HSV2sucks
      I am experiencing a lot of nerve pain, numbness, shooting pain, back pain, leg pain, pain in my butt cheeks... and I found some studies on nerve pain & HSV... 
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    • James123
      Entendi.. essa varivax eu tomei anos atrás mas nao tive resultado.. so com este tratamento que fiz agora. Ate agora nada de lesoes desde que terminei (ja faz cerca de 1 mes) inclusive estou bebendo bastante alcool ultimamente, dormindo pouco e mesmo assim nao aparece. No maximo uma dorzinha fraca na area no dia seguinte mas as lesoes nao vem.. creio que cada vez fique mais dificil de aparecer, pois o sistema imune vai ficando mais eficaz em evitar, ja que nao vou estar tomando o aciclovir.   I'll send an email to Anderson and ask why he is taking so long to answer.. maybe he doesnt speak well english, i dont know, but with me usually he answers within 1 day.
    • Janedoe2325
      Pleaseee help
    • Janedoe2325
      Herpes simplex 1 igg 33.20 reference range <0.90 negative herpes simple 2igg 0.09 reference range <0.90 negative  Herpes simplex 1&2 igm 1.80 reference range <0.90 negative equivocal range 0.90-1.09
    • Cas9
      The clown and scammer @biancamuller has been reported to Admin
    • pizza711
      I’m very sorry to hear about your situation. I too have just been diagnosed. I think what we need is to realize that maybe what happened to us isnt a bad thing and that maybe its God trying to tell us we need to focus on something else in our lives right now. Sending love and prayers your way - hopefully our prayers will be answered with a cure soon.    Also I’m not sure where Phili is, but I’m in Los Angeles and would love to have a conversation over the phone with you if that would help.
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