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I've been reading through this forum non stop, and I feel a lot of you are insanely delusional. This disease is disgusting. Nobody cares that so many people have it, stop saying it's not a big deal. No one wants to have burning genitals and sores. It's just a virus, yeah okay. You all constantly parrot off these statistics to make yourself feel better, and it's annoying. And then the people who say, I was so ignorant about it before but now that I've educated myself I would be with someone with herpes. Well I wouldn't. Who wants to be with someone with contagious genital sores? Scraping the bottom of the barrel and It's delusional lol. This is really a life ruining disease. Reading through all these symptoms and sequelae makes it even worse. It's whatever though, I've made up my mind. 

I won't be suffering along with the rest of you with this shit. 

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@Burner22 that’s appalling. You need to reflect on your maturity in that statement. No one is forcing you to read this website or write in it.

You don’t even know if you have this ‘shit’ as you do eloquently put it.

At least we won’t be hearing from you again!

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Burner, if you want to avoid people who have it, then fine. But don't judge others who are okay with being with the infected. Some people are born with this while others don't even know they have it themselves. Some people value others more than a virus, especially family members.

Also, one time I was locked in a psych ward with someone who claimed to have HIV. Be very careful with judging other people, as you can find yourself with an infected roommate one day.

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    • Borealis
      @Kata33 what do you mean by odd sensation when passing urine?  If I may ask where was location of your outbreak? 
    • Kata33
      @CHTJust a positive result, no numbers were mentioned, no suggestion of another test. Why would these be important? Sores all healed, feeling better each day, though I still have some residual soreness, odd sensations when passing urine etc, and I get tired/achy if I'm too active. But it's only been two weeks, so I guess that's to be expected? Thank you so much for all if your responses, it is so much appreciated!
    • CHT
      Hi Kata.... sorry for the not so good news....I believe you said it was a swab test, correct?  Did the results come with a number or just a "positive" for HSV2?  Did your doctor suggest taking an IgG antibody test at some point?   Are you doing okay?   
    • Naturalady8
      I wrote it for you, your wife and all viewers struggling with hsv. Since you don’t know much about hsv, and many believe it is mild. It is definitely not mild for many people, usually women suffer the worst. It’s good to learn from veterans who have researched this topic for years.
    • Kata33
      Results arrived this morning. HSV-2. Hey ho.
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