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symptoms from the Nervous System ?


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I am still not convinced that i do not have HSV2, and am basing that notion on the fact that things just don't 'feel right'.

i have the sensation of the nerves in the groin, upper legs, and occasionally in my feet. just feels like someone gave me a small jolt of electricity or something. CAN ANYONE RELATE TO THIS??.

still no blisters or lesions that i can SEE. Perhaps they are just too small?

could this be prodrome? i feel really lost as to what to make of all the standard symptoms and what to think of MILD symptoms.

Anybody have MILD symptoms?? what to look for/feel?


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Guest Anonymous

I have felt the same thing. I had a Type 2 blood test seven weeks after potential exposure and it came back negative. From what I have read that is too soon to tell, but the clinic said it can usually detect it within 4 weeks of exposure. I felt good, but then the pains that you described came. Mine also include pain above my torso too. I get shooting pains in my hands and some in my face chest and shoulders. Do you get anything like that. I started to notice so irritation on my penis. Looks like a few little red bumps or cuts. No clue, but am going to get tested again in a few weeks. Got any ideas for me? Good Luck and I hope for both of us its just anxiety.

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Doesn't sound like HSV to me - shooting pains in your hands ..... sounds more like a circulation problem or just plain stress. Stop killing yourself - get tested again if you want - but your doc should know about the pain everywhere - in fact, gas can give you shooting pains like that - but HSV - I doubt it.

Remember we are not docs here - if you want a diagnosis - see your doc

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