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Hi everyone 

I hope this will be useful to many of you.

The following measures have rapidly healed my obs. If you'd like to skip the details, scroll to 'Methods' below

I've personally been experiencing incessant hsv-1 (I think) outbreaks, originally localized to the mouth, but I believe I spread it to the rest of myself so I experience obs genitally now as well. 

If you experience traditional obs and simply want to speed healing the following should greatly enhance your quality of experience. Since my obs are incessant and aggressive I've only been able to mitigate the pain and appearance to almost nothing but have to be on top of it multiple times a day. Unfortunately I remain contagious since I haven't yet identified the underlying issues.


Topical liquid Colloidal silver: Sovereign Silver 10ppm is the only one I've found to work (besides a homemade batch from a local woman in my area who discontinued selling unfortunately)

I also used ACS colloidal silver gel to double up with if it was a stubborn ob

I applied with q tip to affected area.  Every couple hours (resolved in 1-2 sometimes 3 days ) or at first prodromal signs which suppressed the ob entirely. Try to keep the liquid localized to just the ob so as not to spread the virus to other cells

This worked wonders orally for a year and a half before steeply tapering off in effectiveness. Bear in mind I was applying it daily to prevent obs, otherwise they would manifest within hours. If you get occasional obs that do resolve, your body likely won't adjust like mine (at least as quickly) 

There's a lot of ineffective brands out there but those 2 have were reliable for me.

15-20% Ionized liquid zinc sulfate:

Same procedure. Rapidly regenerates new cell growth. This i had to reapply hourly which was not sustainable (because my symptoms are absolutely ridiculous) but in studies daily usage over 3 months not only eliminated symptoms but reduced recurrence for participants and they were only using 2% 

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3730471/

There are several other studies on hsv & zinc sulfate

Low Level Red Light Lazer Therapy:

I was desperate and dropped money on red light Lazer. Very effective for healing. 

Since my body adapted to colloidal this is my one salvation for now.

Originally I bought 

This 660nm Lazer:


Because It was the same strength as the Lazer used in an Australian study I found.

Held it 6in from ob for 5-15 minutes depending on severity. Ob would either never manifest or resolve

Since I've begun breaking out genitally and my symptoms have grown more agressive overall, I invested in a much higher grade light therapy kit: BIOMAX 300 from PlatinumLED, which I sit in front of 15 mins a day am/pm which allows me to function day to day. 

my lesions have begun to manifest intravaginally though so time will tell what I'm going to do about that.

I have tried lysine, every antiviral herb under the sun, copper, oreganol, various mushrooms, red marine algae, ashwagandha, etc etc etc.

Acyclovir and valacyclovir 500mg 2x a day have been ineffective. 

I'm attempting to get approved for 10 pass ozone, have begun taking 4000iu D3 supplements, considering doing a long fast and doing the dr. SEBI cleanse. (I know, probably bs, but I'm out of options and some women claim it healed them. Also looking into Squaric acid 2% but am struggling to find any sources, even to mix myself. If you have any leads on that it would be so welcome. 









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Hi @Lucita this does not sound like herpes outbreaks but any number of dermatological issues. I think you more testing and need to see a dermatologist. 

Everything you have suggested has not been demonstrated to assist herpes lesions and some of it is detrimental.

If acyclovir is ineffective, then you have to look for another cause and/or test for resistance.  

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In what way do recurrent small blister like lesions that are inflamed, itch, tingle at onset and burst, and have spread to exclusively the mouth and genitalia not sound like HSV?

All of my suggestions, aside from perhaps topical Colloidal silver, have ample clinical research pertaining to hsv with positive correlation, so that is a fallacious statement. Colloidal silver has been shown to aid in topical cellular regeneration and healing without side effects so I don't see what could possibly be detrimental. By all means be more specific in your rebuttal. 

Not to be curt, but I've seen needless baseless harassment in a similar format to your response on other related posts and am feeling wary.

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Yes @Lucita you should be very wary and question whether these are related to HSV. You’re only guessing at this point, yet you are on a herpes website giving thoughts surrounding ‘treatments’. We all should be wary.

This isn’t needless, we are BEHOVED to challenge such claims lest they be dangerous for others. 

Colloidal has NOT been shown to assist in healing anything and no medical professional advises it. That’s Victorian medicine and earlier. Just because you are prepared to take the risk it doesn’t mean others should be so risky. 

Also it isn’t really feasible to spread your HSV to your genitals.

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For anyone legitimately interested:

Colloidal silver was shown to nearly double the rate of wound healing with no cytotoxicity to healthy cells  it is verifiably anti viral.



https://www.geneticsmr.org › ...PDF
Inhibition effect of silver nanoparticles on herpes simplex virus 2

Research Square'

https://www.researchsquare.com › ...PDF
Inhibitory Activity and Mechanism of Silver Nanoparticles Against Herpes ...


Red light low level Lazer:

https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov › ...
Evaluation of the efficacy of low-level light therapy using 1072 nm infrared ...



Does low-level light therapy accelerate healing time of oral herpes simplex ... https://digitalcommons.pcom.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1361&context=pa_systematic_reviews


Though my experience is anecdotal, it is in correlation to evidence backed research and has significantly improved my rate of healing and prevented eruption of many obs.

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It absolutely is feasible to spread hsv-1 to genitals. Ironically, it is in fact dangerous to spread the misinformation that it is not. I am personally suffering the consequences of that. I urge you to practice your own advice. @WilsoInAus 

https://www.cdc.gov/std/herpes/stdfact-herpes.htm#:~:text=Yes.,are due to HSV-1.

Edited by Lucita
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@Lucita that note on the CDC website is about spreading an oral infection from one person to another through oral sex on the partners genitals. 
Even if you gave yourself oral sex, once a person has an established oral infection, they cannot become infected genitally with HSV-1 from their own or anyone else’s infection.

This is how we know that your story has more wrinkles than an episode of Downton Abby.

You have a lot to learn about HSV and much more testing to undertake to determine what is going on for you. However that isn’t why you’re on this website, is it?

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@wilshire  @WilsoInAus (ps. sorry to tag Wilshire, the page won't let me delete your tag? Weird.)

"You also can get genital herpes from a sex partner who does not have a visible sore or is unaware of their infection. It is also possible to get genital herpes if you receive oral sex from a partner with oral herpes." The article was explicit that it is in fact possible to be genitally infected by hsv-1 



It is merely considered rare, but certainly not impossible, to spread hsv-1 to yourself genitally because your body usually produces antibodies after initial infection. I've had this confirmed by multiple MDs and have yet to have a reputable source deny the possibility.





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Hi @Lucita yes it is possible to get genital HSV-1, that's of course well-known and has happened to quite a few members here, but only if you do not have an established oral HSV-1 infection!

"It is merely considered rare, but certainly not impossible, to spread hsv-1 to yourself genitally because your body usually produces antibodies after initial infection." Where did this come from? It is not on the page you quote. Nevertheless, once again, the period prior to the infection becoming established may contain risk of spreading the virus. It makes good sense to be careful of lesions for everyone's sake.

However whether things that are considered 'possible' actually do happen is an entirely different matter. There is not one documented case of a person spreading there own oral HSV-1 infection to their genitals. Not even a child! (Why's that important? Because as you would imagine most instances of children being infected with genital herpes are investigated and not one has been found to be self transfer!) Those multiple MDs will confirm this for you.


Also note that colloidal silver products have been banned by the FDA from making any claim of having any healing property.  

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is issuing a final rule establishing that all over-the counter (OTC) drug products containing colloidal silver ingredients or silver
salts for internal or external use are not generally recognized as safe and effective and are misbranded. FDA is issuing this final rule because many
OTC drug products containing colloidal silver ingredients or silver salts are being marketed for numerous serious disease conditions and FDA is not
aware of any substantial scientific evidence that supports the use of OTC colloidal silver ingredients or silver salts for these disease conditions.
DATES: This regulation is effective September 16, 1999


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    • WilsoInAus
      Hang on @tweetsoc this is just self-indulgent self-delusion. What is super tricky about HSV? You're only saying that because of the super trick situation you are in having cheated on your partner, stop deflecting, how does that help anyone least of all yourself? You do not know you are going through an issue with HSV; it is pretty much certain you are not.
    • WilsoInAus
      The first article is from 'The Sun' which is just a sensationalist rag. The second article deals with a correlation between HSV-2 and cardiovascular issues that may cause ED. Did you actually read it? NONE of the participants experienced ED at the time of infection and 0.5% self reported EDS after 12 months. How does that fit with your 9 days. Herpes infections do not cause orchitis, that's just a myth that is started and perpetuated by people on web forums. There is no medical evidence of this. It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree with me on HSV. There is no subjectivity in the facts that I present.
    • WilsoInAus
      None of this changes the fact that: you cheated on your partner and you can't cope with that; and you do NOT have genital HSV. Yes I do have to lecture about messing up because you are not dealing with it. You are creating a world of confusion from fake and/or obscure accounts of HSV in order to not deal with it. Whether you consider it nasty or not is exactly the point - this is the key thing that is wrong with you - when are you going to address - man up! Who has tested years later despite a negative WB?
    • Charlie1968
      Thanks tweetsoc,  I haven't taken anything but ibuprofen. My doctor won't give me anything without the lab work. I get tested on the 17th and if negative again 4 weeks after that  I will look into prostatitis and definitely ask him about it. Best of luck to you. I hope you get some relief. Are your symptoms constant or do they come and go? It's strange how the brain works. Sometimes this drives me crazy and sometimes I have just got used to the feeling of hot sauce in my pants. good luck to you. 
    • tweetsoc
      https://www.thesun.co.uk/living/3104937/its-not-just-a-nasty-incurable-sti-herpes-can-leave-men-impotent-for-life/ https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.2047-2927.2012.00037.x
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