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Outbreaks after sex?

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Hi I am new to this forum, but happy to have found a place where others know what I'm going through, how I might feel. I've been diagnosed w/ HSV for 5 years. My first outbreak was very mild, and over the years have thought I've had an outbreak here or there, but because they are mild, am never quite sure.

I was devastated when I got diagnosed, felt dirty & ashamed, and unlovable. God blessed me with the most loving husband.. he helps makes me feel normal, attractive, loveable. He is HSV free.

Most times I seem to get an outbreak is after sex, particulary when I'm not lubricated enough (sorry if TMI). Recently I got a lesion that looked like a vertical line, almost like a tear in my skin not a lesion. Everytime this happens, it feels like being newly diagnosed all over again... feelings of shame, dirtiness, and feeling as though my husband deserves better..

Can anyone else please share their experiences with what their outbreaks appear as.. how you feel.. how you handle this...

Thank you for your time & helping me through the rough times.. .

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