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I am in Shock - I am nearly positive I got it last week


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Last weekend I had sex with someone I didn't know very well. He decided to pull the condom off in the middle of sex - I did not know until it was too late. The next day I thought he had given me crabs because of the itching. It felt like something miniscule was crawling all over me. I bought some lice cream, but things just got worse. Then came the soreness, a few days later a couple of "canker" type sores around my vulva. Then yesterday my glands in my groin area started swelling. The one on the right side is very large and sore now. I have four blisters (they seemed canker-like at first and I read that they should be water-filled. I think they may have burst before I noticed.) I just noticed a "water-filled" one last night around my anus. It has been eight days since the symptoms started. This seems pretty much like a classic case and I am extremely depressed about it. I can't go to the doctor because I am currently barely scraping by - unemployment due to a recent lay off and no health insurance. What a nightmare.

I have been reading about treatments online and I wanted to know if anyway has used Choraphor and the results. I read their testimonials, but that is of course on their website.

This thing seems like it should be getting better, but it seems to be spreading. I am trying to be very clean and am washing my hands religiously. Does anyone know when I will start to feel better?

I have decided to skip a Super Bowl party tonight because of this.

Please help! I have no one else to talk to.

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I'm very sorry to hear this.. I'm kinda wondering myself about the possibility of having contracted the virus but the best thing for you to do is cope by accepting it and understand that your life isn't over and as soon as you can, go to the doctor to get tested so that you can know for sure. It does sound to me like you have herpes based on the symptoms you gave but then again, I'm not very experienced with the research myself.

Anyway, I don't see why you should let this ruin your plans for a Super Bowl party unless it just hurts that bad that you don't feel like going anywhere..

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it seems as though you could go to a planned parenthood sort of place...or directly to the doctor or hospital and they might be able to help you out...plead poor and in pain and most likely they might try to help you out or atleast advise you of somewhere you could go for cheap or free...

best of luck, i share your pain!!!!!!!


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I agree w/ Riddock go to the party if at all possable!

Try and take you mind off it, as much as you can!

I know you think you know forsure you have it, but I would deffenty go see a doc.

Do you know this guy well enough to talk to him about it?

Maybe you should ask his stright up "do you have anykind of STD" :roll:

I dont know thats what I would do.

Ok well try and go to the party if it gets bad you can always leave!


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Hi tidwell,

Yea........... pretty much, it sounds like herpes... Of course, it's best to go see a doctor and get the treatment though...


I mean, some people don't go see a doctor for treatment. I don't go either. But when you got it for the first time, you should. To make sure it is herpes, and get the prescription for antiviral.

I've heard that you can get Acyclovir (antiviral) online, but I never tried that way... I don't know how much it costs, and how safe it is.........

Duration of an outbreak... it depends on the person. Most people experience the worst symptom at their first outbreak. It mostly lasts long, too. 3 weeks .. maybe...? I don't know... really..... it depends on the person.

Try to rest a lot. Your immune is very weak now. Drink lots of water. And as you do already, wash your hand well if you touch the sore, and.... don't scratch it...

Oh, Super Bowl, today?? <--- obviously.. not a sports fan.. :D

Best wishes..


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Faith I was waiting for you to reply to this.

I though it sounded alot like h too.

She ordered a medisen Choraphor I looked at the webpage, but know nothing about that kind of stuff I was hopeing you or richard would have someadvice on stuff like that :)

Ok well talk to you soon!


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Sounds exactly like HSV. (which is seems like you already knew)

This thing seems like it should be getting better, but it seems to be spreading. I am trying to be very clean and am washing my hands religiously. Does anyone know when I will start to feel better?

The first outbreak is the worst... But it gets WAY WAY WAY better. My first outbreak went away, but then I almost immediately got another, and I was LIKE FFFFFFFFK if THIS is how its going to be!!! BUT LUCKILY it got way way better.

am currently barely scraping by - unemployment due to a recent lay off and no health insurance.

Like someone else suggested, you could try planned parenthood.

But another suggestion... I know everyone is saying go to a dr. go to a dr....

You really don't NEED to go to a Dr. If the discomfort isn't too bad, you could try to stick it out. (like I said, it DOES get better/easier)

I'm not a big fan of running to medication for every little thing. I would give your body a chance to build up an immunity to HSv and see how well your body can manage the virus.

Just focus on a healthy lifestyle. Stop smoking (if you do) get 8 hours of sleep, exercise, eat right, drink tons of water... (all the things we should all do anyway)

You might find that with a little lifestyle tweak, your body will cope with having HSV VERY well, and you wont need to spend money on medication or supplements etc.

Give it a little time... :wink:

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Thanks SO MUCH for Advice and Concern

I was too ignorant to figure out how to use this site. I just now realized that people were posting a reply to me. I was only checking the personal responses I was getting. I thank you for responding to my desperate need for advice.

I thought things were getting better last night, but not today. My swollen groin gland(s) have gone down quite a bit, but I still feel like it's spreading. I am burning and swelling like crazy. Feels like microscopic fleas are jumping all over me. I am trying like hell to keep clean - washing my hands religiously. I am having to take a "bath" each time I pee. Which means 10 or more baths today. I am starting to avoid drinking liquids, which I know is not good. I need to stop that. I can't believe how horrible this thing is. I feel SO sorry for anyone who has ever had it. I had absolutely no idea. It is excrutiating. I keep hearing the phrase from Ferris Bueller's Day Off - "I HAVE A SCORCHING CASE OF HERPES!" That phrase has so much more meaning now.

I am still avoiding the doctor because I am so low on cash and I know a prescription with cost me at least $100. I already maxed out my credit card on the Choraphor. GOD I hope it gets here soon. As soon as it does, I will post my experience with it. I start a new job next week and hope like hell I don't have to sit in meetings while the fire ants are attacking me relentlessley - that's what it feels like. I keep saying that things could be worse, but since I am late on my period and still don't know if I have HIV, it's hard to accept that.

By the way, do herpes sores ever appear perfectly round and have a red border? Mine do. The pictures on the net show irregular shaped sores.

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    • WilsoInAus
      Welcome @Marlena correct you and your partner would benefit from the type specific version of the HSV test (meaning a separate result for HSV-1 and HSV-2). I had no idea the Euroimmun or equivalent actually had a combined version, it is pretty useless given the high incidence of HSV-1. Only one thing to add is that if you are getting frequent symptoms then you can obtain a swab and have this tested for HSV and other things as well.
    • WilsoInAus
      Yeah @FirstTimeUser there is nothing in the pic suggestive of genital herpes. It seems both you and your partner have HSV-1 orally and that's actually pretty cool. It means you won't pass it to each other's genitals owing to immunity. If the two of you are concerned about genital HSV-2 then mutually test for the IgG HSV-2 and HSV-1 antibodies.
    • CHT
      Hi "firstimeuser".... let's see what "WilsoinAus" thinks but, for what's it worth, I don't see anything in your picture (or description) that looks like herpes..... it actually looks more like a scrape or follicle issue.... maybe even a bug bite.  Also, by the way, the odds of having HSV2 with an outbreak on your testicles is very low.... that is not a typical spot for an HSV2 outbreak.    Have your doctor take a look and if you want some peace of mind, get an IgG antibody test for HSV2 in about 12 weeks (takes that long for antibodies to develop).... but, again, I don't think you have anything to worry about here.... just not seeing anything herpes-related here.    take care....best of luck.
    • CHT
      Hi Marlena..... since you stated you've had "herpes on the lips" then you likely have oral HSV1, which the majority of adults worldwide have... the fact your results for HSV1/2 are positive (at least I believe that's what your results show - I don't speak Polish but, I think I'm seeing your results are positive based on the attachment you included) may simply be reading the fact that you have HSV1.... the question is whether you've contracted HSV2 in your genital area. Your description of symptoms could possibly be related to HSV but, it's difficult to verify with certainty based on your description. You may also have contracted a different type of sexually transmitted infection (STI) or a simple fungal infection.   Your doctor does not believe what he/she is seeing is HSV but, unless your doctor has experience with HSV, they could easily misdiagnose your condition.  You need full STI testing. Do you have the option to travel to a larger city in Poland where you could get an appointment to be seen by a doctor with more experience with STIs?  You really need to have an experienced doctor take a look and run tests to check specifically for HSV2 as well as other STIs.  If they can rule out HSV2 or other STIs then hopefully they can then determine what is causing the redness, itching, and swollen condition.... again, it may not be HSV2 but, you need proper testing to verify.  Have you talked to your boyfriend about all this?  Has he had any symptoms on his genitals that are suspect?  Has he taken any tests to check for STIs?   I hope you can get more definitive testing so you know what you are dealing with and how best to treat it.  If you have any other questions/concerns, please come back and let us know.... I hope this helps a little.... best of luck.... take care.
    • CHT
      Hey Jeremy.... I know only too well that emotional pain you are feeling.... I really do.... and many of us on this site also know that pain.  It's not so much the physical side of having HSV that hurts, it's the stigma and risk of rejection that stings like hell!  You have to do what you think is right as it relates to when you disclose your HSV status when getting to know someone romantically.... I just think it's best to do it relatively early, and certainly before any sexual activity.   Have you looked into dating sites that cater to those with HSV?  I know others have had some luck with meeting partners on these sites.... you don't have to worry about the "disclosure" talk nor would you obviously have to worry about passing along a virus the other person already has.... take a few minutes and search around and see if it's an option you like. By the way, by taking your daily antiviral med and using a condom, your risk of passing along the virus is down around 1.9%.... pretty good odds that if you stick to your regimen you are very unlikely to transmit the virus....keep that in mind when you meet your next girlfriend and need to have "the talk."  That statistic might help calm any concerns about contracting the virus from you. I hope you don't give up.... as tough as it can be to find the right partner, it's still worth trying.... try to stay optimistic and look into some alternate options and see what happens.... all the best.... take care.
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